PC Pioneer Chester Gordon Bell Dies at 89

The family of personal computer pioneer Chester Gordon Bell announced his death on May 17.

Electric Vehicles Are Three Times More Likely to Hit Urban Pedestrians Than Fuel Cars, Study Reveals

A BMJ study found electric vehicles are three times more likely to hit urban pedestrians and twice as likely in rural areas compared to petrol or diesel cars...

J&J, AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccines Uncover Autoimmune Link to Rare Blood Clots, Paving Way for Future Vaccine Strategies

Researchers have discovered an autoimmune reaction in rare, fatal blood clots tied to Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines...

US Small Business Confidence Ticks Up for First Time in 2024, But Inflation Remains a Headache for Owners

US small business confidence improved in April, but inflation remains a top concern for owners, according to a new survey...

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World-First Blood Test for Brain Cancer Could Revolutionize Testing and Treatment, Increasing Survival Rates, Experts Say
A team of researchers has developed a "breakthrough" world-first blood test for brain cancer, which British experts said could revolutionize the detection and treatment of the disease and increase sur
IMF Warns AI Could Disrupt 40% of Global Jobs, Worsen Inequality Ahead of Davos Economic Forum
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that almost 40% of global jobs could be impacted by the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI).
US Leads Public Distrust in Innovation, New Survey Shows
A new survey conducted ahead of the World Economic Forum's annual meeting this week revealed that businesses and governments are poorly managing and regulating new technologies.
JPMorgan Chase Says Ethereum Will Outperform Bitcoin, Other Cryptocurrencies in 2024
JPMorgan Chase analysts foresee a potential shift in the cryptocurrency market dynamics next year, predicting that ethereum will outperform bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Federal Reserve Will Begin Interest Rate Cuts in June 2024, Survey Finds
According to the latest CNBC Fed Survey, there is a growing expectation that the Federal Reserve will initiate rate cuts in June 2024.
Wall Street Experts See Solid Potential in These 3 Stocks
Wall Street analysts have named three promising stocks to invest in.
Maximizing Social Security Retirement Benefits: Experts Reveal Strategies to Get Bigger Monthly Checks
Experts reveal strategies to boost Social Security retirement benefits to help people get bigger monthly checks.
JPMorgan Chase Gives Gloomy Outlook, Says 99% of Americans Will Be Worse off Financially in 2024 Than Pre-Pandemic
JPMorgan Chase claims that 99% of Americans have already exhausted the excess savings they accumulated during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Goldman Sachs Identifies 2 Healthcare Stocks With up to 130% Upside Potential
Goldman Sachs has identified two healthcare stocks with the potential for substantial gains, reaching up to 130%.
Goldman Sachs Says Global Economic Growth in 2024 Will Exceed Expectations
Goldman Sachs Research is boldly predicting that the global economy is poised to outperform expectations in 2024, demonstrating resilience in the face of recent challenges.
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