Amazon Prime Day 2024 Projects $14 Billion Profit, Data Analytics Say

With Amazon’s Prime Day merely hours away, Adobe Analytics data is expecting that the retailer would receive a $14 billion paycheck.

UK's Electoral Commission Reveals Labour's Nearly Fivefold Donation Increase After Election Win

The UK’s Electoral Commission revealed that the Labour Party, which won a landslide victory in this month’s general election, received almost five times as much campaign donation money as the Conserva..

Elon Musk Offers Own Sperm to Colonize Mars — Is It Possible?

The New York Times revealed that Elon Musk is intending to donate his own sperm to boost the colonization of Mars...

UK Economy Grows 0.4% in May: Official Statistics

The United Kingdom’s Office of National Statistics released the latest economic figures, which revealed that the country’s economy grew by 0.4% in May...

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If Donald Trump Tax Cuts Extended, Top 5% of Taxpayers Would Get Almost Half of the Benefit
The extension of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would predominantly benefit higher-income households, according to an analysis by the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center.
Philippines’ Jobless Rate Increases to 4.1% in May, Official Statistics Say
The unemployment rate in the Philippines was recorded at 4.1% as more Filipinos join the workforce and the labor market, while the underemployment rate decreased to 9.9% in May compared to 14.6% in Ap
US National Debt on Pace to Reach Record-Setting Level in the Next 4 Years
The United States (US) is reportedly on the path to encountering an unprecedented level of national debt in the next four years.
GLP-1 Treatments Like Ozempic Reduce Risk of Obesity-Related Cancers in Type 2 Diabetes Patients: Study
Patients with type 2 diabetes taking GLP-1 treatments, including Ozempic, have a reduced risk of developing 10 types of obesity-related cancers compared to those using insulin and other diabetes medic
Ray Kurzweil Hopes to Reach 'Singularity' by Merging with AI
Computer scientist, futurist, and artificial intelligence advocate Ray Kurzweil is optimistic that he will become one with the 'Singularity’ by his eventual death.
Fourth of July Cookout Costs Projected to Reach Record Highs Due to Inflation
New research shows that American families will spend more than ever on Fourth of July barbecues due to inflation.
Ozempic, Wegovy Users May Face Rare Blindness Risk, Study Suggests Further Investigation Needed
A new study published in JAMA Ophthalmology suggests that taking Ozempic or Wegovy may increase the risk of developing a rare form of blindness.
Gen Zs in Asia-Pacific Rely on TikTok, Influencers for Shopping Decisions: KPMG Study
Gen Z has been primarily looking for trends online rather than visiting department stores, according to a recent report.
Job Ads in Australia Continue to Fall for 5th Straight Month, New Data Shows
Job advertisements in Australia declined for a fifth consecutive month in June.
China-Russia Oil Pipelines Threaten Energy and Land Companies on Arctic Lands
A recent study warns of China-Russia oil pipelines' impact on permafrost, prompting environmental concerns and potential regulatory and operational challenges for energy and other businesses in Arctic
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