Scam Warning: This is the Most Common Time People Were Likely to Get Victimized

By Madz Dizon

May 13, 2024 09:16 AM EDT

Scam Warning: This is the Most Common Time People Were Likely to Get Victimized

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A recent survey has unveiled the prime time when individuals are most vulnerable to falling victim to scams.

Survey Reveals When People Were Likely to Get Scammed

According to a survey conducted among over 3,000 individuals in the UK who have experienced fraud within the last two years, it was discovered that 43% of them were scammed in the afternoon. 

This particular time of day seemed to be the most common period when people reported falling victim to fraud, The Independent reported.

Midweek tends to be a favored time for scammers to thrive, particularly on Wednesday and Thursday, as reported by many individuals who fell victim to scams.

It has been found that criminals tend to exploit situations when individuals are occupied or distracted.

Based on a recent survey conducted by Censuswide for Take Five to Stop Fraud, a significant portion of individuals (20%) reported feeling overwhelmed when they fell victim to scams. Additionally, approximately one in six individuals (15%) mentioned experiencing fatigue during these incidents.

According to the survey, a significant portion of individuals (29%) reported experiencing negative effects on their mental health as a result of being targeted by fraud. 

One-third of the respondents mentioned that it had decreased their overall trust in people. 

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FTC Recently Issued Warning Against Scam

Meanwhile, the US Federal Trade Commission emphasized the importance of being cautious when dealing with potential buyers who claim to be legitimate and are interested in purchasing your timeshare unit.

The risks could extend to various unsolicited offers in a time when criminals are growing more adept and numerous consumers are neglecting even fundamental precautions.

The FTC issued an alert cautioning individuals who receive unexpected calls from supposed real estate agents claiming to have potential buyers for their timeshares. "They might have information about you and your property, so the offer seems credible," FTC said in its alert.

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