Chinese Man Gets Over 2 Years in Prison for Stealing $88,700 From Jeweler on Singapore Airlines Flight

A Chinese man was sentenced to two-and-a-half-year in prison for stealing around $88,700 from a Singaporean jeweler on a Singapore Airlines flight.

China, Australia Roll Out 5-Year Visas to Citizens for Business, Tourism

China and Australia will now offer each other's citizens multiple-entry visas valid for up to five years...

FDA Approval of First Menthol E-Cigarettes for Sale in US Draws Parental Criticism

The FDA has approved the first menthol e-cigarettes for sale in the US, prompting criticism from parent groups who claim the agency has "failed American families."..

Philippine Business Groups Release Rare Statement Amid South China Sea Tensions

Philippine business groups condemned the recent harassment faced by the country's military amid South China Sea tensions...

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Norway Files Complaint Against Meta Over AI Training on User Data
The Norwegian Consumer Council has filed a complaint against Meta over its plans to use the images and posts of users on Facebook and Instagram to train artificial intelligence (AI) models.
G7 Agrees to Give Ukraine $50 Billion Loan Amid War vs. Russia
The leaders of the Group of Seven, the world’s wealthiest nations, have agreed to create a $50 billion loan to help Ukraine in its fight to survive Russia’s onslaught, with interest earned on profits
US Returns Additional $156 Million to Malaysia From Stolen 1MDB State Fund
The United States (US) has returned $156 million to Malaysia, which was recovered from assets seized in investigations into a global corruption scheme involving the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB)
California Lawmakers Reject Newsom's $400M PG&E Budget Bid Amid Ongoing Political Standoff
California lawmakers rejected Governor Newsom's request to allocate an additional $400 million for PG&E in the state budget, continuing a political standoff.
US Luxury Travel Firms Report Inadequate Interest in the Upcoming Paris Olympics
Luxury travel companies in the US are reporting low Paris Olympics ticket sales so far.
Amazon and Vrio to Challenge Starlink with Satellite Internet Launch in South America by 2025
Amazon and Vrio plan to deploy 3,236 low Earth orbit satellites to provide broadband internet to South American countries, directly competing with Elon Musk's Starlink.
[UPDATE] Chinese EV Shares Jump Following EU’s New Import Tariffs
Most Chinese EV manufacturers' stock prices rose on Thursday morning after the EU proposed 38% higher tariffs.
US Sanctions Several Firms in Hong Kong, UAE for Involvement in Russian Gold Trade
The US has imposed sanctions on several companies based in Hong Kong and the UAE for involvement in the trade of gold produced by a sanctioned Russian miner.
EU Plans to Sanction Russia's Sovcomflot PJSC to Curb Kremlin's War Financing
The European Union is considering sanctions against Russia's Sovcomflot PJSC, a major oil-shipping company, aiming to curtail the Kremlin's financial support for its military actions in Ukraine.
Surge of Chinese EVs in Australia Sparks Dumping Concerns, Up to 50 Brands Expected by 2030
The influx of Chinese electric vehicles into the Australian car market, potentially reaching up to 50 brands by 2030.
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