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Delta Air Lines Strikes Deal With Riyadh Air to Operate Flights Between US and Saudi Arabia

Delta Air Lines and startup Riyadh Air have entered into a partnership to connect the US and Saudi Arabia with regularly operated flights.

Iraqi Militias Attack KFC, US Businesses in Protest of Gaza War

Iraqi militias are targeting US businesses such as KFC in protest to the Gaza war...

Two Texan Men Get More Than 3 Years in Prison for Conspiracy to Sell Iranian Oil to China

Two Texas men were sentenced to 45 months in prison for trying to sell Iranian oil to a refinery in China in violation of US sanctions...

Israel Lifts Gaza Food Sales Ban as Government Faces Condemnation Over Rafah Airstrikes: Report

Israel has recently lifted its ban on food sales to Gaza from the country and the occupied West Bank...

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AmEx to slash cost by $1bn by 2017
Feeling the heat of competition in the global payments industry, American Express (AmEx) is in the process of reducing costs by $1billion by end of 2017. AmEx posted losses for the fourth quarter cons
New visa requirements for European with dual nationalities to be introduced soon
The new regulation is being established initiated by the San Bernardino shooting in California that killed 14 people and left 22 wounded. It has drawn many concern and dismay among European citizens,
Oversupply hitting oil prices, not a secret plot: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has ruled out allegations that Iran has been targeted in the oil price war. Saudi Arabian foreign minister said that it's demand-supply situation that determines price in the global oil m
Indian Rupee at 2-month high on rising outflows
The Indian currency Rupee against the US dollar rose to highest since November 2015 on increasing outflows from Indian stocks and bonds. The Chinese markets were witnessing selloff and this also resul
Saudi Arabia continues to buy farmland in US
Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations are buying thousands of acres in the US. Recently, Fondomonte California has purchased 1,790 acres of farmland in California. Almarai bought 10,000 acres of farmlan
Ali al-Naimi hopeful on stability of oil market
Saudi Arabia oil minister Ali al-Naimi said that stability in the oil market will be attained only through the cooperation amid major manufacturers and this would take time. Ali al-Naimi added that al
India to resume oil import as Tehran emerge from sanctions
With the lifting of international sanctions from Tehran, India would be able to recommence its unobstructed oil import from the Persian Gulf country. Iran is anticipated to boost its oil export of 1.1
UN needs $500-mln fund requirement for Syrian children education
The United Nations (UN) has received funding of $250million and needs additional $500 million for education programs for over one million Syrian children. Gordon Brown, the former UK Prime Minister an
HSBC and JPMorgan Well Ahead In ARAMCO IPO Race
State-owned Saudi Arabian Oil Co. (ARAMCO) is possibly going for an IPO aiming to raise funds for $1 trillion to $10 trillion. Some shares of the IPO may be awarded among the local banks and investors
Afghanistan is Still The World's Largest Opium and Heroin Producer
Opium production has been one of Afghanistan source of economy. Since 1950's in the area known as Golden Crescent is a well-known opium and heroin production in the world.
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