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Egypt Greenlights UN Aid Through Israel’s Crossing to Gaza; Rafah Conflict Raises Doubts

Egypt has agreed to send UN humanitarian aid trucks through Israel's main crossing into Gaza, but entry remains uncertain due to ongoing fierce fighting in Rafah, as efforts continue to revive cease-fire negotiations and recover hostages.

Update: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi Confirmed Dead After Heavy Landing During Helicopter Crash With Other Officials

President Ebrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister have lost their lives in a devastating helicopter crash...

India Secures 10-Year Chabahar Port Deal With Iran, Bypassing Rival Pakistan's Gwadar

India secured a 10-year Chabahar Port deal with Iran, bypassing Pakistan's Gwadar. The investment totals $370 million. The move strengthens regional ties and enhances trade routes amid escalating tens..

Chinese Companies Dominate Licensing Bids to Explore Iraq Oil and Gas Fields as US Snubs Energy Bidding Round

Chinese companies won five more bids to explore and develop oil and gas fields in Iraq...

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Schizophrenia Acroos Regions between Male and Female
Here are some comparison of the male and female differences on schizophrenia in other regions in the world
Boeing, Iran In Talks For Possible Aircraft Sales and Services
Now that the nuclear sanctions are lifted, Iran is now free to make deals with foreign companies. It is already in talks with Boeing for possible aircraft purchase and services particularly 737 single
Fitch Degraded Saudi Arabia From AA to AA-
Saudi Arabia just got a negative rating from Fitch, from AA to AA-. The downgrade is due to the oil-rich kingdom's decision to slash its average oil price assumptions from $35 to $45 a barrel for 2016
US does not plan to grant Iran access to US financial system
The US government doesn't seem be in favor of giving total access to Iran on its financial system. US President Barack Obama said the government is not looking to permit the use of its financial syste
Saudi to Sell Bonds After Tapping on Foreign Debts
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is poised to sell bonds after it has secured syndicated loans. The government is already in talks with the banks and will host Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference on May 3 t
Racing And Breeding Camels Make Millionaires
Camels are being born and bred for special purposes - racing and marketing. This type of industry has already made millionaires and still making more of them.
Abu Dhabi's TAQA Slashes Capitex As Oil-Decline Limits Revenue
Abu Dhabi's TAQA is cutting its capital expenditures by reducing its workforce around the globe and sells it assets to recover from its losses.
Some US energy chiefs make more cash amid oil turmoil
Contrary to a notion that oil rout is impacting everyone in the industry, there are few bosses at energy companies making more money based on their performance. Few top managers are excelling in meet
Saudi Arabia to takeover largest US refinery
Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil major Aramco will takeover Port Arthur Texas refinery in the US. Saudi Arabia will refine its oil shipped from Middle East at Port Arthur refinery and also sell it in th
Gold below $1,250/oz on profit booking
Profit booking pulled yellow metal on Monday below psychological mark-$1,250 an ounce. Gold price fell for four weeks in the past five weeks.
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