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Delta Air Lines Strikes Deal With Riyadh Air to Operate Flights Between US and Saudi Arabia

Delta Air Lines and startup Riyadh Air have entered into a partnership to connect the US and Saudi Arabia with regularly operated flights.

Iraqi Militias Attack KFC, US Businesses in Protest of Gaza War

Iraqi militias are targeting US businesses such as KFC in protest to the Gaza war...

Two Texan Men Get More Than 3 Years in Prison for Conspiracy to Sell Iranian Oil to China

Two Texas men were sentenced to 45 months in prison for trying to sell Iranian oil to a refinery in China in violation of US sanctions...

Israel Lifts Gaza Food Sales Ban as Government Faces Condemnation Over Rafah Airstrikes: Report

Israel has recently lifted its ban on food sales to Gaza from the country and the occupied West Bank...

Latest News

Starbucks to Lay off Thousands of Workers in Middle East After Being Hit by Boycott Campaign Relating to Israel-Hamas War
Starbucks' franchisee in the Middle East, Alshaya Group, is implementing significant job cuts at its coffee shops.
Industry Reacts to Houthi Attacks Disrupting Red Sea Shipping Routes, Companies Strategize
Houthi attacks disrupt Red Sea shipping, causing global companies like Geely, Tesla, and Adidas to face delays and logistic challenges, prompting strategic adaptations.
Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Some Other OPEC+ Producers to Prolong Oil Production Cuts Until June
Saudi Arabia, Russia, and some other key members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries Plus (OPEC+) have decided to prolong their voluntary crude supply cuts until June.
Biden Administration to Impose New Sanctions on Iran for Its Arms Sales That Bolster Russia's Defense Against Ukraine
The Biden administration is reportedly preparing to announce new sanctions on Iran in retaliation for its arms sales that have fortified Russia's defenses amid war with Ukraine.
Microsoft Catches Hackers From Russia, China, North Korea, Iran Using OpenAI Tools to Improve Their Cyberattacks
Microsoft revealed on Wednesday that state-backed hackers from Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran have been using tools provided by its partner OpenAI to enhance their hacking techniques and deceive
Houthi Rebels Fired at 2 Commercial Ships in Red Sea Days After US, UK Hit Dozens of Houthi Targets in Yemen
The Iranian-backed Houthi rebels fired missiles at two commercial vessels in the Red Sea on Tuesday, the first attacks since the US and UK launched strikes against dozens of Houthi targets in Yemen ov
McDonald’s, Starbucks Experience Sales Decline as Israel-Hamas Conflict Drags On
McDonald's and Starbucks blamed the Israel-Hamas conflict for a sales drop in 2023.
Joe Biden Issues Order Imposing Sanctions on Israeli Settlers Who Attack Palestinians in West Bank
President Joe Biden has issued an executive order targeting Israeli settlers who attack Palestinians in the West Bank.
Oil Climbs 1% After Houthi Rebels Attack on British Oil Tanker; Trafigura Assesses Red Sea Risks
Trafigura is evaluating the security risks of future Red Sea voyages following an attack on the company's Marlin Luanda oil tanker by Yemen-based Houthi rebels.
British Oil Tanker Hit by Houthi Missile After Group Fires at US Warship—China Urges Rebels to Stop Red Sea Attacks
A British oil tanker was reported to be engulfed in flames in the Gulf of Aden after Houthi rebels hit it with a missile on Friday after transiting the Red Sea.
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