Mezzanine Debt

Djibouti receives $11 million grant from the European Union

Djibouti has received $11 million grant from the European Union to help the country in looking for ways to solve the current problem in potable water and its scarcity of supply.

Nebula bags USD3.5 million new debt funding

According to a court filing yesterday, Nebula has taken in USD3.5 million worth of new debt financing from undisclosed investors, reported Venture Beat...

Dropbox raises $500M in debt funding

San Francisco, US-based cloud storage giant Dropbox has raised $500 million in a debt funding reportedly led by JP Morgan for the construction of its new data centers, according to a source familiar w..

Spanish lender BMN to sell shares to pay back state-back rescue fund

Banco Mare Nostrum has intended to sell its shares before the deadline of the state funded bailout aid it received before the 2017 deadline...

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Lehman files suit against Giants Stadium over swap contracts
Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc and Giants Stadium LLC could not agree on the settlement amount of two interest-rate swap contracts the latter had cancelled.
Saudi debt and equity capital markets hire HSBC on deals
Saudi Arabia borrowers hired HSBC to manage their debt and equity capital market deals.
Brazil sells dollar bonds worth USD 3.2 billion
Brazil sold dollar bonds amounting to USD 3.2 billion set to mature in 2025 and established a new benchmark in international markets.
Twitter lands USD1 billion credit line
Like Facebook and Zynga before it, Twitter was able to secure a USD1 billion credit facility from its IPO bank managers.
RadioShack Corp receives new financing despite sales declines
RadioShack Corp received a five-year financing worth USD 835 million.
Kior gets commitments for its second biofuel plant
Kior, the operator of the first US biofuel plant, had received financial commitments amounting to USD100 million.
China to sell municipal bonds in efforts to wipe out local government debt
Chinese government think-tank Development Research Center had proposed a lift of the ban to sell bonds in order to reduce its local governments' USD4 trillion debt.
Banks to repay ECB crisis loans
On Friday, the European Central Bank said it would receive an early repayment of loans from banks next week valued at EUR5.199 billion.
Poland to sell Euro denominated bonds post US shutdown
Poland, in order to finance the fourth quarter of the year, intended to sell Euro denominated bonds to increase the liquidity.
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