Mezzanine Debt

Djibouti receives $11 million grant from the European Union

Djibouti has received $11 million grant from the European Union to help the country in looking for ways to solve the current problem in potable water and its scarcity of supply.

Nebula bags USD3.5 million new debt funding

According to a court filing yesterday, Nebula has taken in USD3.5 million worth of new debt financing from undisclosed investors, reported Venture Beat...

Dropbox raises $500M in debt funding

San Francisco, US-based cloud storage giant Dropbox has raised $500 million in a debt funding reportedly led by JP Morgan for the construction of its new data centers, according to a source familiar w..

Spanish lender BMN to sell shares to pay back state-back rescue fund

Banco Mare Nostrum has intended to sell its shares before the deadline of the state funded bailout aid it received before the 2017 deadline...

Latest News

News Corp secures USD 650 million revolving credit line
News Corp received a five-year revolving line of credit amounting to USD 650 million.
Onex Credit Partners LLC completed its latest collateralized loan obligation
Onex Credit completed its fourth collateralized loan obligation through a private placement.
OGX to file for bankruptcy after talks with bondholders fail
OGX would be filing for bankruptcy should it not be able to meet interest payments to bondholders amounting to USD44.5 million.
GE Capital gives Original Joe’s USD 49 million expanded senior credit facility
Original Joe's Franchise Group Inc and its parent company Franworks Franchise Corp received an expanded senior credit facility from GE Capital's Canadian Franchise Finance business.
Argentina urges hold order on payment judgement to debt holders
In a filing with the US Supreme Court, Argentina seek stay of payment order issued by lower court.
Loans set to fund the Cameron LNG Project being lined up
The consortium running the Cameron LNG Project has lined up loan financing for the capitalization needed for the project.
IPIC pays off loan that purchased bank stake
A USD2 billion loan was paid off in full by state owned IPIC from RHB Capital.
Eneva SA is in discussion to avoid redemption of OGX debt
Eneva SA, whose main shareholders EON SE and Eike Batista
FIRREA law's coverage exempts no one
The investigation into improprieties related to mortgage backed securities hinges its legality in a 1989 law.
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