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JPMorgan reaches tentative settlement agreement

A total of USD13 billion is to be paid out by JPMorgan under the tentative settlement agreement forged with US authorities related to mortgage backed securities.

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UK government to decide next month on RBS split- report

A report from the Daily Telegraph said the UK government would be deciding on the future of Royal Bank of Scotland by next month.

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ECB head Mario Draghi seeks protection for bondholders

Bondholders were sought protected by Mario Draghi through the European Central Bank.

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British court starts Libor hearings this week

A UK court had started to hearing evidence about the alleged London Interbank Offered Rate or Libor manipulation brought against Barclays and Deutsche Bank.

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JPMorgan Chase to settle FHFA suit

JPMorgan is nearing settlement of a suit filed by FHFA for mortgage related securities fraud.

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Morgan Stanley's CFO reiterates ROE goals

With an average of USD6 billion revenues on 10% cost on equity, Morgan Stanley's CFO said the business is doing good.

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Commerzbank to pass ECB stress tests

The increase in Commerzbank's overall financial value would help in passing tests conducted by the European Central Bank.

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Regulators review instant messages of 'The Cartel'

Named 'The Cartel', US regulators are reviewing how these individuals comprising the group may have influenced or attempted to manipulate the market.

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Evidence in one case used tor LIbOR rigging suit against Barclays

Presented evidence on another case is being used as evidence to prove Barclays' hand in the recent LIbOR rigging scandal.

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HSBC Holdings closes InvestDirect Securities unit in India

HSBC Holdings would be winding down the operations of its InvestDirect Securities unit in India.

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Japan Gangster get loans by hiding crime ties

Orient Corp, a Japanese consumer credit company, had been probed by authorities for lending to crime groups with Mizuho Financial Group Inc.

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JPMorgan would issue two year notes for the first time since January 2010

JPMorgan had valued notes at USD0.95 to the dollar, to be offered for the first time since January 2010.

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Unicredit to re-list HVB shares in the bourse

After delisting the HVB shares in 2008, Unicredit is relisting its German units shareholders.

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Too big to fail is not a reason anymore

Banking regulators now are empowered to confiscate and break up a financial institution if bankruptcy would only hurt the economy.

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Vitol SA's debt rates same as Glencore negotiated rates

Vitol SA obtains favorable LIbOR for its one year and three year credit lines.

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