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US Banks See Loan Demand Drop, Fed Survey Says

US banks have observed a fresh decline in loan demand for industrial purposes and household demand for credit during the first quarter of the year, according to a Federal Reserve survey.

Australia's Macquarie Bank Terminating Cash Transactions in All Branches as It Shifts to Fully Digital Banking Services

Australia's Macquarie Bank will eliminate the use of cash at its branches later this month as part of its transition to a fully digital offering...

Warren Buffett-Backed Capital One to Buy Discover Financial in $35 Billion Deal

Warren Buffett-backed Capital One is set to acquire US credit card issuer Discover Financial Services in an all-stock deal valued at $35.3 billion...

Sebi upgrading surveillance for CommExes

India's securities market regulator Sebi is upgrading and strengthening its surveillance system on commodity exchanges (CommExes). Recently, Sebi has barred 16 commodity trading members from trading f..

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Evidence in one case used tor LIbOR rigging suit against Barclays
Presented evidence on another case is being used as evidence to prove Barclays' hand in the recent LIbOR rigging scandal.
HSBC Holdings closes InvestDirect Securities unit in India
HSBC Holdings would be winding down the operations of its InvestDirect Securities unit in India.
Japan Gangster get loans by hiding crime ties
Orient Corp, a Japanese consumer credit company, had been probed by authorities for lending to crime groups with Mizuho Financial Group Inc.
JPMorgan would issue two year notes for the first time since January 2010
JPMorgan had valued notes at USD0.95 to the dollar, to be offered for the first time since January 2010.
Unicredit to re-list HVB shares in the bourse
After delisting the HVB shares in 2008, Unicredit is relisting its German units shareholders.
Too big to fail is not a reason anymore
Banking regulators now are empowered to confiscate and break up a financial institution if bankruptcy would only hurt the economy.
Vitol SA's debt rates same as Glencore negotiated rates
Vitol SA obtains favorable LIbOR for its one year and three year credit lines.
Saudi British Bank MD David Dew says high loan growth in Saudi Arabia can be sustained
In a rare interview with a head of a Saudi bank, SBB MD David Dew said the current high loan rate can be sustained in the Gulf kingdom.
Europe IPO market booming compared to US
The large volume IPO companies have helped the European IPO boom.
Shanghai free trade zone experiment on finance and economic policy
The Shanghai free trade zone is a testing ground for finance and economic policy in China.
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