Barron Trump and Martin Shkreli Allegedly Behind DJT TrumpCoin, Value Surges 385%

Martin Shkreli claims he advised Donald and Barron Trump on creating the DJT crypto token, which has surged in value to over $150 million amid speculation about the Trump family's involvement.

Google to Invest Additional $2.3 Billion in Central Ohio Data Center Expansion

Google announced a $2.3 billion investment to support its data center campuses in central Ohio, adding to the $4.4 billion already spent since 2019, to enhance its global services infrastructure...

Sanctioned Russian Billionaire Files Lawsuit Against UBS in Germany Over Money Laundering Alerts

Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has filed a lawsuit against a German unit of UBS Group AG over anti-money laundering reports that triggered a criminal investigation of him...

Bill Gates Announces Billions for Next-Gen Nuclear Plant in Wyoming to Address US Energy Demand

Bill Gates has committed billions towards TerraPower's construction of a next-generation nuclear power plant in Wyoming, aimed at meeting increasing electricity demands in the United States, with comp..

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US Banks See Loan Demand Drop, Fed Survey Says
US banks have observed a fresh decline in loan demand for industrial purposes and household demand for credit during the first quarter of the year, according to a Federal Reserve survey.
Heineken Announces £39 Million Investment to Reopen 62 Closed UK Pubs
The focus of the investment will be on reopening 62 pubs that were previously closed and renovating 94 existing outlets.
Warren Buffett Issues Grave Warning About AI, Saying It Would Make Scams Far More Convincing, Revving Up Fraud
Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett has warned about AI scams.
Cryptocurrency Trader Loses $70 Million in 6 Hours in So-called ‘Address Poisoning’ Scam
A cryptocurrency trader lost nearly $70 million in Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) after moving the enormous reserve to a suspicious wallet address.
Oracle's AI Infrastructure Chosen By Billionaire Investors Over Nvidia
Billionaire Investors Steven Cohen and Israel Englander shifted their focus from Nvidia to Oracle, citing Oracle's potential in the AI sector and its consistent revenue growth in cloud infrastructure.
Goldman Sachs Removes Bonus Cap for UK Bankers
After the UK removed local pay restrictions for bankers last year, Goldman Sachs was the first to remove its bonus cap for its bankers.
Apple Surprises Market with Record $110 Billion Buyback Amid Higher-Than-Expected Q2 Results
Apple Inc. unveiled an unprecedented $110 billion buyback initiative, marking its largest buyback program to date.
Solar Philippines Founder Leandro Leviste Acquires 8.5% Stake in ABS-CBN Worth P76.5M
Renewable energy entrepreneur Leandro Leviste expands into media, acquiring an 8.5% stake in ABS-CBN Corp., with personal ties to former anchor Loren Legarda.
Australia's Macquarie Bank Terminating Cash Transactions in All Branches as It Shifts to Fully Digital Banking Services
Australia's Macquarie Bank will eliminate the use of cash at its branches later this month as part of its transition to a fully digital offering.
JPMorgan Chase to Pay a Civil Penalty of $100 Million Over Trade Reporting Gaps
JPMorgan Chase is expected to reach a resolution with a third US regulator that will require the bank to pay a civil penalty of $100 million.
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