Barron Trump and Martin Shkreli Allegedly Behind DJT TrumpCoin, Value Surges 385%

Martin Shkreli claims he advised Donald and Barron Trump on creating the DJT crypto token, which has surged in value to over $150 million amid speculation about the Trump family's involvement.

Google to Invest Additional $2.3 Billion in Central Ohio Data Center Expansion

Google announced a $2.3 billion investment to support its data center campuses in central Ohio, adding to the $4.4 billion already spent since 2019, to enhance its global services infrastructure...

Sanctioned Russian Billionaire Files Lawsuit Against UBS in Germany Over Money Laundering Alerts

Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has filed a lawsuit against a German unit of UBS Group AG over anti-money laundering reports that triggered a criminal investigation of him...

Bill Gates Announces Billions for Next-Gen Nuclear Plant in Wyoming to Address US Energy Demand

Bill Gates has committed billions towards TerraPower's construction of a next-generation nuclear power plant in Wyoming, aimed at meeting increasing electricity demands in the United States, with comp..

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Trump Media Investors Finally See Uptick in Their Shares for 2 Straight Days
Trump Media shares closed almost 26% higher on Thursday.
Tinder for Business: Angel Investors Can Find Best Business Match, Thanks To Cherub App
This Tinder-like business app can help angel investors find the best business matches. What to know about Cherub.
AI Could Replace Wall Street Analysts! Who are Affected?
AI bots could soon replace Wall Street analysts. Sources within major banks revealed the details.
US Treasury Warns Creditors Against Exploiting Aid to Developing Nations
The US Treasury Department has cautioned emerging official creditors against curtailing loans to nations already engaged in programs with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or multilateral developm
Goldman Sachs Appoints Head of Strategy and Investor Relations Carey Halio as Global Treasurer
Goldman Sachs has appointed Carey Halio, the head of strategy and investor relations, as its new global treasurer.
Moderna Pauses Kenya Plant Plan After Losing $1 Billion as COVID-19 Vaccine Demand Slumps
Moderna announced on Thursday that it has decided to halt its plans to construct a vaccine manufacturing facility in Kenya due to a decrease in demand for COVID-19 vaccines after the pandemic.
China to Remain the World's Top Engine for Global Economic Growth, ADB Says
Even if China's economy slows down, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said it will still be the largest growth engine for the world economy.
Russia's Oil-Gas Giant Zarubezhneft Seeks to Invest in Vietnam's Offshore Wind Power
Russian oil-gas giant Zarubezhneft expressed its interest in expanding its presence in Vietnam by venturing into offshore wind power projects.
Donald Trump's Truth Social Stock Continues to Rapidly Fall, Wiping Out Billions of Dollars in Value
Shares of Trump Media & Technology Group, the social media company that former President Donald Trump recently took public, continue to rapidly fall.
JPMorgan Chase Names CEO Jamie Dimon's Potential Successors
The board of JPMorgan Chase has named the potential successors to CEO Jamie Dimon.
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