Is Collector Watch Market An Opportunity For Value Investors?

The luxury watch market is confusing for outsiders. Watches, sometimes known as horological instruments, are valued for their functionality and brand appeal. Collectors monitor auction sales, attend industry events and secretive fancy dinners where bragging rights and memorized model numbers or industry gossip become currency of choice.

Global Reach: Social Discovery Group's Investment Projects

Social Discovery Group has a mission to solve the problem of loneliness, isolation, and disconnection with the help of digital reality. We invest in, develop and support social discovery startups arou..

Lucrative Liquidity: Prime Bridge Sets a New Standard for Return on Investment

Financial white glove service provider Prime Bridge, founded by Shaun Opoku, is restoring the belief that finance can go further. The company is strategically positioning itself to offer liquidity and..

From Shark Tank to Main Street: Kevin Harrington’s New Fintech Platform is Making Investing in Small Businesses Easier Than Ever

The leadership team of The Merchant Marketplace, including Kevin Harrington, Original Shark from the hit TV show Shark Tank, Adam Schwartz, CEO, and Paul Boxer, COO & CRO, is dedicated to empowering s..

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Charlie Lass, Dallas Inc. Founder & CEO, Helps Businesses Launch Ideas in 30 Days
"We've spent 20 years making mistakes so others don't have to," says Charlie Lass, founder and CEO of the consultancy and private investment fund, Dallas Incorporated.
3 Scenarios Lear Capital Founder Kevin DeMeritt Says Precious Metals Could Protect Against
While political and economic uncertainty can negatively affect some assets' returns, precious metals like silver and gold tend to perform more evenly during challenging times - offering a number of po
Investor Brian Condenanza On The Future of Fintech Investing
The digital space is one of the fast-growing sectors. The industry is experiencing tremendous growth, and new trends are transforming the way of doing business. The digital space has also presented en
IM Academy Emphasizes Fibonacci Approach to Markets with New Stocks and Futures Academy
Online education platform IM Academy recently announced the launch of its newest financial education package: the Stocks and Futures (SFX) Academy. SFX features educational resources and training from
How Sid Sriram Risked it All to Win Big With Airbnb and Real Estate
Sid Sriram grew up expecting his most ambitious goals to be out of reach. While his background gave him the enterprising "all-or-nothing" mindset that is essential to entrepreneurship, it also meant h
Stonebrook Risk Solutions Assembles Network of Strategic Partners
In just over a year, Stonebrook Risk Solutions has assembled an unprecedented collection of partners in its bid to build a nationwide network of regional health plans and hospitals.
PAYING THINGS FORWARD: Flexxbuy’s Triumphant Journey Towards Providing Financing Options To Businesses Of All Sizes
In keeping with the times, Flexxbuy, a new and easy financing payment alternative, is making its way to the market with the ultimate goal of in-house customer financing options for consumers regardles
From Fitness to Social Media and NFTs, Andy Treys Wins Them One at a Time
One person in particular is entrepreneur and social media guru, Andy Treys. Born in the beautiful city of Pasadena, CA, Treys is of American-Armenian descent and got his start in the business at a ver
5 Must-Know Tips for New Landlords
Deciding to rent out your home can be difficult at first. You may be out of doing it because you think it is too much effort. There are some truths to the rental nightmares that you've no doubt read a
9 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Metaverse Startup Integrator
You're considering joining a metaverse startup integrator, but you're not sure if it's the right move for your company. After all, the metaverse is still a relatively new concept, and there are a lot
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