Sanctioned Russian Billionaire Files Lawsuit Against UBS in Germany Over Money Laundering Alerts

Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has filed a lawsuit against a German unit of UBS Group AG over anti-money laundering reports that triggered a criminal investigation of him.

Bill Gates Announces Billions for Next-Gen Nuclear Plant in Wyoming to Address US Energy Demand

Bill Gates has committed billions towards TerraPower's construction of a next-generation nuclear power plant in Wyoming, aimed at meeting increasing electricity demands in the United States, with comp..

Goldman Sachs Plans to Double Lending to Ultra-Wealthy Private Bank Clients in the Next 5 Years: Report

Goldman Sachs plans to double its lending to wealthy private bank clients in the next five years...

Wise Shares Declines 10% Following Announcement of Lowered Revenue Expectations

Wise's stock plunged 10% after projecting slower revenue growth, expecting a 15-20% income increase for FY ending March 2025, down from 31% last year...

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Microsoft Urges to Invest $1.7 Billion to Develop AI, Cloud Infrastructure in Indonesia
Microsoft announced Tuesday that it will invest $1.7 billion in Indonesia over the next four years to construct new cloud and AI infrastructure.
Goldman Sachs, Barclays Reportedly Compete to Acquire General Motors' Credit Card Business
Goldman Sachs and Barclays are reportedly vying to acquire General Motors' credit card business.
US Regulators Take Hold of Troubled Lender Republic First and Agree to Sell It to Fulton Bank
US regulators have taken hold of Republic First Bancorp and arranged to sell it to Fulton Bank.
Google's Parent Company Alphabet Approves First-Ever Dividend as Shares Skyrocket
Alphabet Inc. gains impressive revenue growth in its digital advertising sector and promising advancements in artificial intelligence.
Mark Zuckerberg Wants Investors to Wait for Their Long Term AI Vision Following Decline in Stock
Mark Zuckerberg seeks investor patience as Meta continuously pushes for AI projects, despite warnings and premarket stock decline fueled by increased spending and slower sales growth.
Facebook, Instagram Parent Company Meta Shares Tumble Amid Continued Push Into AI Development
Wall Street was alarmed by Meta's aggressive drive into AI development, despite the technology company's first-quarter earnings and revenues increasing 27% to $36.46 billion
Donald Trump Eligible for Bonus Shares Worth Over $1 Billion from Truth Social Parent Company
Donald Trump, who owns 60% of Trump Media with 78.75 million shares, will get the bonus because the stock stayed above $17.50 per share for 20 out of 30 days.
SEC Accused of Illegally Monitoring Stock Market Investors in the US
The SEC is illegally collecting data on all US stock market investors, according to a new lawsuit.
Trump Media Investors Finally See Uptick in Their Shares for 2 Straight Days
Trump Media shares closed almost 26% higher on Thursday.
Tinder for Business: Angel Investors Can Find Best Business Match, Thanks To Cherub App
This Tinder-like business app can help angel investors find the best business matches. What to know about Cherub.
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