Alibaba Says It Considers Selling Convertible Bonds to Raise $5 Billion, Then Its Hong Kong Shares Suddenly Dropped

Hong Kong-listed shares of Alibaba dropped more than 5% on Thursday after news broke that the Chinese e-commerce giant was considering issuing convertible notes to get $5 billion.

Melinda Gates Invests in Female-Led Startups to Overcome 'Bro Culture' in Tech

Melinda French Gates revealed that she left the Gates Foundation to focus on empowering women leaders and combating tech's male-dominated culture, drawing from her four decades of experience at Micros..

Pfizer Unveils Multi-Year Cost-Cutting Plan to Offset Plummeting COVID-19 Vaccine Sales

Pfizer has announced a multi-year cost-cutting program focusing on operational efficiencies, network structure changes, and product portfolio enhancements, aiming to save $1.5 billion by 2027 amidst d..

China To Invest Billions in a Government-Backed AI Model Based on Xi Jinping's Thoughts

China will invest billions in the Cyberspace Administration's language model, based on Xi Jinping's ideology. They boast that it is more "secured and reliable" as ChatGPT remains inaccessible in China..

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Grayscale Launches Innovative Crypto Staking Fund: A Game-Changer in Cryptocurrency Income Generation
Grayscale introduces the Grayscale Dynamic Income Fund, which will integrate assets from nine blockchains and award US dollars every three months.
British Weapons Manufacturer BAE Systems Record High Profits Amid War in Ukraine and Gaza
BAE systems saw a spike in their profits in 2023 alone, amounting to $27.3 billion as a weapons manufacturer amid war in Ukraine and Gaza.
Joe Biden Is Cutting 18% of Pentagon's F-35 Jet Order in 2025 Budget Request: Report
President Joe Biden reportedly wants to cut the number of F-35 jets the Pentagon will buy next year.
EU Seals Massive $54 Billion Aid Deal for Ukraine After Hungary Gave In
The leaders of the 27 European Union (EU) countries agreed on Thursday to give Ukraine a new $54 billion aid package after Hungary gave in not to veto the move.
Planet A Foods Raises $15.4 Million Funding to Expand Global Presence of Its Cocoa-Free Chocolate Brand
Planet A Foods has raised $15.4 million in Series A funding to expand the global presence of its cocoa-free chocolate brand.
SAP Shares Soar to All-Time High in the Aftermath of AI Restructuring Results
SAP's shares soar high in the first quarter of 2024 after announcing the restructuring plans to adopt AI technology in its workforce.
Vertical Aerospace Founder Invests $50 Million to Prevent the Flying Taxi Firm From Running Out of Cash
Vertical Aerospace has secured new funding from its founder Stephen Fitzpatrick, who will invest $50 million to ensure that the flying taxi firm will still have cash until later this year.
Elon Musk Refutes xAI $500 Million Funding Report, Labels It 'Fake News'
Elon Musk took to social media to deny a report claiming that his AI startup, xAI, has secured $500 million in commitments from investors.
Disney Secures Backing From ValueAct, Blackwells in Boardroom Clash with Trian
ValueAct and Blackwells back Disney in boardroom battle against activist Trian Fund Management's challenge.
Israel Gives Intel $3.2 Billion Grant for New $25 Billion Chip Plant, Biggest Ever Foreign Investment in Country
The Israeli government has approved to give Intel a $3.2 billion grant for its upcoming $25 billion chip plant in southern Israel.
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