Melinda Gates Invests in Female-Led Startups to Overcome 'Bro Culture' in Tech

Melinda French Gates revealed that she left the Gates Foundation to focus on empowering women leaders and combating tech's male-dominated culture, drawing from her four decades of experience at Microsoft and Pivotal Ventures.

Pfizer Unveils Multi-Year Cost-Cutting Plan to Offset Plummeting COVID-19 Vaccine Sales

Pfizer has announced a multi-year cost-cutting program focusing on operational efficiencies, network structure changes, and product portfolio enhancements, aiming to save $1.5 billion by 2027 amidst d..

China To Invest Billions in a Government-Backed AI Model Based on Xi Jinping's Thoughts

China will invest billions in the Cyberspace Administration's language model, based on Xi Jinping's ideology. They boast that it is more "secured and reliable" as ChatGPT remains inaccessible in China..

Peloton Stock Plunges After Unveiling $1 Billion Loan to Refinance Debt

Peloton Interactive Inc. will reportedly undertake a "global refinancing" to resolve its debt and recover from a recent sales dip...

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