$1B Investment Fund Approved By Russia And Japan

Russia and Japan agree to set up $1 billion investment fund.

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India Pledges $500,000 To UN Central Emergency Response Fund

India promised to contribute $500,000 to UN Central Emergency Response Fund. In a pledging conference, outgoing Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made a plea for funding to support its missions of providing immediate humanitarian assistance to people who require urgent help.

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Pittsburgh Pension Fund Projected To Remain Flat In 2016

The Pittsburgh pension fund investments are projected to fall short in 2016. This is due to the underperforming financial markets.

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Dallas Public Pension Fund In Crisis

The public pension fund for policemen and firefighters is suffering a run as mass withdrawals further decrease the plan's funds. The city mayor has already applied for a restraining order so as to prevent the financial crisis from worsening.

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Trump Celebrates $50 Billion Investment on Robotic Doctors and Lawyers

Donald Trump celebrates softbank for proposing a $50 billion investment on robotics doctors and lawyers.

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Infrastructure on Highway Trust Fund

Reports say that they need to advocate a greater funding for transportation infrastructure which is now covered by the Highway Trust Fund.

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Former Google CEO To Launch Fund

Bill Maris, the ex-CEO and founder of Google willl open and start up a Fund.

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State Projects Equipped With Private Cash

It is private cash which makes some projects possible.

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Green Climate Fund Falls Short From The $100 Billion Target

The Green Climate Fund, a financial mechanism to support projects related to climate change, has been severely underfunded despite large donations from various wealthy nations. The problem has hindered the organization from successfully implementing its projects.

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France Commits $30 Million Fund For Protection Of Cultural Heritage Sites

France spearheads the efforts to prevent the destruction of cultural heritage sites by establishing a fund committed for the cause. France has allocated $30 million for the protection of historical sites endangered by militant attacks and wars. Supporters of the initiative plan to establish $100 million.

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Maine Marathon Donated $10000 Toy Fund

The Maine Marathon had unexpectedly donated a toy fund to the Portland Herald of an amount of $10,000.

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Vouchers Funded

A $50 vouchers will be given to the rural residents of Wisconsin and was approved by the Public Servce Commission.

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Singapore Penalizes Banks For 1MDB Linkages

The country of Singapore regulators said Friday they will fine two banks a total of over $5.3 million for having breached money laundering rules in dealings with an indebted Malaysian state fund.

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Quadria Capital To Use $300 Million Fund To Close Deals In Asia

Quadria Capital, a healthcare focused private equity firm, is in the process of closing out deals in four companies in Southeast Asia. Its investments are mostly on pharmaceutical and healthcare corporations.

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Climate Change Taps Fund Managers From Apparel Stocks

Climate change wakes up world retailers.

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