Supreme Court Rejects Conservative Group's Attempt To Change Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Funding

The Supreme Court has upheld the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) 's funding mechanism despite a challenge from conservative groups, ruling 7-2 in favor of the agency's funding structure.

OpenAI Startup Fund Secures Additional $5 Million in Latest Funding Round

The OpenAI Startup Fund has successfully raised an additional $5 million...

Anthropic Expands Claude AI Chatbot to Europe, Launches Fundraiser

Anthropic will expand its generative AI assistant Claude to Europe while continuing to get funding from the continent...

Former Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt Returns to Robotics Realm, Raises $150 Million for Household Robot Company

Kyle Vogt, the former founder and CEO of self-driving vehicle firm Cruise, has launched a new venture-backed robots business focusing on home tasks...

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Polyhedra Network Rockets to $1 Billion Valuation with $20M Strategic Funding Round, Backed by Major Crypto Players
Polyhedra Network secured $20M in funding, led by Polychain Capital and Animoca Brands, for a valuation of $1B. Innovative zero-knowledge proofs drive its global expansion in Web 3 infrastructure.
Reddit IPO: Social Media Platform Seeking $748 Million in Highly Anticipated Stock Launch
Reddit wants $748 million to reach $6.5 billion in its most anticipated IPO in the US.
National Science Board Favors Funding 'Extremely Large Telescope' With $1.6 Billion Over Other Telescopes
The National Science Board proposes $1.6 billion for a new "extremely large telescope" amid deliberations over two competing proposals.
Elon Musk Declares No Financial Support for Biden or Trump Presidential Campaigns
Elon Musk has announced he will not donate to US presidential candidates Donald Trump or Joe Biden following reports on a weekend meeting with Trump and other wealthy Republican contributors.
Grayscale Launches Innovative Crypto Staking Fund: A Game-Changer in Cryptocurrency Income Generation
Grayscale introduces the Grayscale Dynamic Income Fund, which will integrate assets from nine blockchains and award US dollars every three months.
British Weapons Manufacturer BAE Systems Record High Profits Amid War in Ukraine and Gaza
BAE systems saw a spike in their profits in 2023 alone, amounting to $27.3 billion as a weapons manufacturer amid war in Ukraine and Gaza.
Joe Biden Is Cutting 18% of Pentagon's F-35 Jet Order in 2025 Budget Request: Report
President Joe Biden reportedly wants to cut the number of F-35 jets the Pentagon will buy next year.
EU Seals Massive $54 Billion Aid Deal for Ukraine After Hungary Gave In
The leaders of the 27 European Union (EU) countries agreed on Thursday to give Ukraine a new $54 billion aid package after Hungary gave in not to veto the move.
Planet A Foods Raises $15.4 Million Funding to Expand Global Presence of Its Cocoa-Free Chocolate Brand
Planet A Foods has raised $15.4 million in Series A funding to expand the global presence of its cocoa-free chocolate brand.
SAP Shares Soar to All-Time High in the Aftermath of AI Restructuring Results
SAP's shares soar high in the first quarter of 2024 after announcing the restructuring plans to adopt AI technology in its workforce.
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