Alibaba Says It Considers Selling Convertible Bonds to Raise $5 Billion, Then Its Hong Kong Shares Suddenly Dropped

Hong Kong-listed shares of Alibaba dropped more than 5% on Thursday after news broke that the Chinese e-commerce giant was considering issuing convertible notes to get $5 billion.

Melinda Gates Invests in Female-Led Startups to Overcome 'Bro Culture' in Tech

Melinda French Gates revealed that she left the Gates Foundation to focus on empowering women leaders and combating tech's male-dominated culture, drawing from her four decades of experience at Micros..

Pfizer Unveils Multi-Year Cost-Cutting Plan to Offset Plummeting COVID-19 Vaccine Sales

Pfizer has announced a multi-year cost-cutting program focusing on operational efficiencies, network structure changes, and product portfolio enhancements, aiming to save $1.5 billion by 2027 amidst d..

China To Invest Billions in a Government-Backed AI Model Based on Xi Jinping's Thoughts

China will invest billions in the Cyberspace Administration's language model, based on Xi Jinping's ideology. They boast that it is more "secured and reliable" as ChatGPT remains inaccessible in China..

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Taiwan Seeks US Funding as Chinese Warplanes Slowly Approach the Country
Taiwan's military engages in talks with the United States over newly allocated funding following reports of Chinese military aircraft breaching the sensitive median line of the Taiwan Strait.
US Lawmakers Pass Billions in Long-Awaited Aid for Ukraine, Israel to Bolster War Efforts
Despite fierce opposition from Republican hardliners, the US House of Representatives approved a $95 billion legislation package giving security assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.
Disneyland Moves Closer to Expansion Plans as Anaheim City Council Approves $1.9 Billion Project
The Anaheim City Council has given the green light to Disneyland Forward, the Walt Disney Company's ambitious plan to expand its iconic theme park.
Micron Technology Set to Receive $6.1 Billion CHIPS Grant From Biden Administration
The Biden administration has agreed to pay $6.1 billion in government funding for Micron Technology to produce advanced memory computer chips in New York and Idaho.
Trudeau Government Announces Tax Hike on Wealthy Canadians in Federal Budget to Fund Housing
The new tax increase raises the taxable portion of capital gains exceeding $250,000 Canadian (US$181,000) from half to two-thirds.
940,000 Taxpayers May Receive Extra $932 Tax Refunds From IRS; Here's Why!
Nearly 940,000 taxpayers could be in for an exciting surprise as they may receive extra tax refunds from the IRS.
Funding Solutions at The Centurion Pro: A Strategic and Innovative Approach to Business Finance
The rapidly changing business environment requires capital as a significant component of growth and sustainability. Yet, obtaining funding could be a significant problem for small and medium-sized ent
UK Receives Record-Breaking Public Donations to Pay Off National Debt
The United Kingdom receives voluntary donations towards reducing national debt at the highest level in the last ten years.
US Banks to Increase Loans to Oil and Gas Companies as Europeans Reduce Theirs Over Climate Change Concerns
U.S. regional banks are filling the lending gap for oil, gas, and coal companies left by European lenders amid climate concerns, with banks like Citizens Financial Group Inc., BOK Financial Corp., and
Pennsylvania Offers $15K Stipends to Student Teachers; Here's What to Know!
The Pennsylvania state agency received a flood of applications on Thursday for the state's first student-teacher stipends.
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