China To Invest Billions in a Government-Backed AI Model Based on Xi Jinping's Thoughts

By Thea Felicity

May 21, 2024 02:35 PM EDT

Chinese President Xi Jinping Visits Washington State
REDMOND, WA - SEPTEMBER 23: Harry Shum (R), Microsoft executive vice president of technology and research, demonstrates Micosoft's HoloLens device to Chinese President Xi Jinping during a tour of the main campus of Microsoft Corp September 23, 2015 in Redmond, Washington. Xi and top executives from U.S. and Chinese companies discussed a range of issues, including trade relations, intellectual property protection, regulation transparency and clean energy, according to published reports. (Photo by Ted S. Warren-Pool/Getty Images
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China's leading internet overseer has introduced a large language model (LLM) centered on President Xi Jinping's political ideology. South Morning China Post reported it as a "secure and reliable" closed system.

The China Cyberspace Research Institute, operating under the national regulatory body Cyberspace Administration of China, spearheaded the launch of this machine-learning language model, which blends Xi Jinping's Thought with other thematic elements conforming to the official governmental stance.

Dubbed "Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era," this ideology includes directives across political, social, and economic spheres, formally integrated into China's constitution in 2018.

The US-developed ChatGPT, which has been operational for over a year, remains inaccessible within China. Despite this, many Chinese organizations have attempted to create their versions, ensuring they comply with strict government regulations and align with Beijing's ideological principles.

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What the Xi Jinping AI Model Can Do

The Xi Jinping language model (LLM) is designed to handle various tasks such as answering questions, creating reports, summarizing information, and translating between Chinese and English. 

It also differs from other models by relying on a carefully selected set of data from within China rather than using open-source data, which the administration claims enhances its reliability and security.

The model relies on pre-trained, government-approved language frameworks, which ensure localized data processing. It is operated solely within the confines of the China Cyberspace Research Institute's servers.

While still undergoing internal testing, the system remains off-limits to the public, accessible only to select users by invitation.

The Communist Party's Central Committee issued a directive instructing party members to undergo extensive indoctrination activities to better understand Xi Jinping's Thoughts. This directive emphasizes the party's commitment to maintaining control over China's online space and ensuring ideological conformity among its members.

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