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Japan To Allow Cryptoassets in Their Investment Fund

Japan proposes a bill allowing venture capital firms and investment funds to hold cryptocurrency assets.

Investment Wave on Growth For Good

The growth for good is a part of growing social investment moovement in the U.K and was founded by Martin Leuw...

2017 Investment

Here are some investment strategies with the stock market...

Investment Analogy For Taxes Amidst Trump Era

Here are four ideas for you to take advantage the historical low tax rates...

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Summerhill rounds up Working Capital Exchange C2FO total to $18 Mln
Summerhill joins several investors in bringing up C2FO's total to USD 18 million,
Richman Group Closes $291 Mln Worth of Tax Credit Funds
Richman Group closed a total of USD 291 million of tax credit funds.
JenaValve gathers US$62.5 million in venture capital
JenaValve Technology Inc. stated that it had gathered US$62.5 million in venture capital.
Australia's Shoes of Prey looking to raise US$20 million
Shoes of Prey stated that they want to put up US$20 million in funding to help them expand.
Venture Capital deals in Asia-Pacific recorded an average of US$67 million per deal
An investment tracking group reported that in the Asia-Pacific region, venture capital deals had an average value of US$67 million.
Ohio received US$132 million in venture capital funds in the second quarter
A PricewaterhouseCoopers report revealed that venture capitalists invested more than US$132 million into Ohio in the second quarter of 2013.
CORRECTED: Alcresta raises US$10 million to help cancer patients
Alcresta announced that it had raised US$10 million to accelerate production and commercialization of its drug that helps cancer patients.
Minnesota firms want governor to lead setup of fund for small businesses
Minnesota firms urged Gov. Mark Dayton's administration to support an idea for a fund that will support smaller Minnesota businesses.
CVC Capital puts up EUR10.5 billion for a European buyout fund
CVC Capital announced that they've accepted up to EUR10.25 billion in investments and that a further EUR250 million was in the works to be accepted.
Dunedin raises GBP300 million for buyout fund.
Dunedin successfully raised GBP50 million more from their original target of GBP250 million for its latest buyout fund.
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