Scotland's Billionaire Brothers Criticize SNP/Greens, Warn Against Taxpayer Dependency

By Jace Dela Cruz

Mar 29, 2024 01:55 AM EDT

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MARCH 06: Morton directors James and Sandy Easdale looks on during the William Hill Scottish Cup Quarter Final match between Celtic and Greenock Morton at Celtic Park Stadium on March 6, 2016 in Glasgow, Scotland.
(Photo : Ian MacNicol/Getty images)

Scotland's billionaire brothers, Sandy and James Easdale, have criticized the SNP/Greens coalition, cautioning against what they perceive as overreach into the business sector and excessive reliance on taxpayers' funds.

Easdales Criticizes SNP/Greens in Glasgow

The Easdales, who own McGill's Group, the UK's largest independent bus company, expressed deep concern over the SNP's endorsement of proposals to nationalize bus services in Glasgow, a move they fear could jeopardize their business in the central belt.

They accused the Scottish Government of using public funds to prop up failing enterprises, citing instances such as the troubled Ferguson Marine shipyard, where they argue mismanagement has led to significant financial losses.

Sandy Easdale particularly lamented the decline of the Port Glasgow ship industry under governmental involvement, criticizing what he sees as a series of mistakes by the SNP Executive.

According to a report by the Scottish Daily Express, he emphasized the need for governmental restraint, asserting that business decisions should be left to entrepreneurs rather than political entities.

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The Easdales Vow Legal Action

The Easdales vowed legal action if the nationalization plans proceed, underscoring their belief that government intervention often leads to inefficiencies and wasteful spending. 

James Easdale echoed his brother's sentiments, emphasizing the inherent challenges of governmental and council-led businesses and warning of potential consequences should these initiatives fail. 

He expressed skepticism about Glasgow's prospects for foreign investment amid what he perceives as anti-business rhetoric from city officials. 

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