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Grindr: Potential Legal Action Looms Against Dating App Over Allegedly Sharing Users’ HIV Status With Ad Firms

Grindr may be sued by users who say the dating app exposed their HIV status and other confidential information to advertising firms.

Australian PM Anthony Albanese Describes X's Legal Battle Against Church Stabbing Posts Removal as 'Extraordinary'

For Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the issue was not about freedom of expression. Instead, it is about preventing the spread of false information that could fuel further harm...

Unclaimed Baggage: This Company Sells Lost Luggage Luxury Items Like Rolex Watches, Louis Vuitton Bags at Crazy Low Prices

A store known for selling items found in lost luggage at discounted rates has gained global attention for its unique offerings, which include luxury items like Rolex watches and Louis Vuitton bags...

Telegram Users Can Now Send Tether Stablecoin Payments via TON Blockchain

Telegram has introduced a new feature enabling users to transact using the stablecoin USDT via The Open Network (TON), an integrated blockchain network, potentially broadening the adoption of Tether's..

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American Companies Brace for Chinese Retaliation After TikTok Ban
After the US House and Senate overwhelmingly voted for a TikTok ban bill, concerns of potential retaliation from China emerged, particularly those heavily reliant on the Chinese market like Apple and
FTC Launches Probe Into Reddit's AI Data-Licensing Practices Ahead of IPO
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has initiated a probe into Reddit's data-licensing practices related to the training of artificial intelligence (AI) systems.
Don Lemon Demands $5 Million Advance, Tesla Cybertruck, Equity Stake in X Before Elon Musk Canceled His Talk Show: Report
Don Lemon had reportedly demanded $5 million, a Tesla Cybertruck, and more from Elon Musk before the tech billionaire canceled his new show on X.
Microsoft Urges Users To Switch to Bing by Allegedly Deploying Aggressive Pop-Up Ads in Google Chrome
Microsoft is prompting users to switch to Bing by injecting pop-up ads into Google Chrome on Windows, causing users to question their legitimacy and intrusiveness.
EU Commission Launches Formal Investigation into Alibaba's AliExpress Over Illegal Content Concerns
The European Commission launched a probe into AliExpress for alleged dissemination of illegal content and pornography under the Digital Services Act, marking the third formal investigation.
Elon Musk Abruptly Cancels 'The Don Lemon Show' on X; Former CNN Anchor Says the Billionaire Got 'Mad' at Him
Elon Musk's decision to cancel "The Don Lemon Show" on his social media platform X after he sat for the program's first interview has stirred controversy.
Apple Faces Contempt Plea from Epic Games for Alleged Non-Compliance with App Store Court Order
Epic Games seeks the court to hold Apple in contempt for failing to open its App Store to external payment sources after Apple approved third-party apps with payment processing links.
TikTok Expands Its Effect Creator Rewards Monetization Program to More Countries
TikTok is expanding its Effect Creator Rewards monetization program to more countries and lowering its payout threshold.
Former Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Eyes TikTok Acquisition Amid ByteDance Inquiry
Bobby Kotick, former Activision CEO, seeks to acquire TikTok amid US government inquiry and concerns over data exchange between ByteDance and China.
Reddit IPO: Social Media Platform Seeking $748 Million in Highly Anticipated Stock Launch
Reddit wants $748 million to reach $6.5 billion in its most anticipated IPO in the US.
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