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Amazon Introduces an AI Chatbot for Businessess Called Q

Amazon has unveiled its latest venture into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) by introducing a new chatbot called Q.

Promptify & Focal Studio AI: Chris Gomes Muffat's Contribution to Personalized Engagement

From self-driving cars to personalized recommendations on streaming platforms, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, often in ways that seem straight out of scie..

Unifying the Digital Landscape: Cardware's End-to-End Platform for Modern Content Management

The digital ecosystem has evolved into a vast and intricate web of communication channels, data repositories, and content sources. While this digital sprawl has opened new avenues for interaction and ..

Air AI: The AI Sales Agent You've Been Waiting For

If your company has a sales team, imagine a world where you never have to recruit another sales rep ever again, but you could have 100,000 sales reps at the tap of a button. A world where you never ha..

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wants to 'reset' their complicated relationship with developers
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said he wants to "reset" the company's fraught relationship with its developers during their annual developers conference in San Francisco Thursday.
DropBox submits Paper as alternative to Google Docs
It was only six months ago that Dropbox hinted at developing a collaborative note-taking tool called Notes. Just now, they've released news that the tool will officially be called Dropbox Paper and th
NY Times faces second Twitter indiscretion made by staff member
After a Twitter post that has been deemed by many as "profane" and "inappropriate", New York Times staffer Philip Richardson was reprimanded by the public, and most likely by superiors, for a social m
Amazon Destinations never made it far; halted 6 months after launch
Amazon Destinations, the Amazon group's hotel reservation service, surprisingly shut down its reservation service effectively on October 13, 2015. Amazon Destinations was launched in April and the sit
What can be expected on Google Play Store's newest update?
Google Play will get a major upgrade soon according to a teaser released by a Googler, Kirill Grouchnikov. Based on the teaser, the apps store will feature a better categorization method and will beco
Facebook is testing new features for mobile shopping
Facebook may soon be your go-to app for shopping. The company disclosed Monday that it was testing new features that would enable users to buy products, without having to leave the app.
Facebook 'Reactions' to have a pilot test in Spain and Ireland
Facebook unveils animated emoticons, Reactions, to go with the 'like' button. The six emojis will have a pilot test in Spain and Ireland. Alongside the 'like' button, Facebook will pilot the Reactions
Twitter's new app 'Moments' brings newsbreaks to users
Marking a major feature since its inception in 2006, Twitter has released new app 'Twitter Moments' for bringing news updates to its users. Twitter Moments tool keeps up the users about news breaks wi
Facebook to launch satellite in 2016 to give Internet access to remote places
In a respectable attempt to provide access to the Internet throughout hard-to-reach places, Facebook is scheduling a satellite launch this 2016 that aims to make the World Wide Web readily accessible
What is wrong with Peeple: New app faces strong resistance
Peeple, an app dubbed as "Yelp for people" will be launched soon. It is an application that allows you to rate just about everyone you know. More and more people are petitioning to ban the people-rat
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