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IRS Free Tax Filing Tool Launch Triggers Intuit Share Drop as TurboTax Loses 1 Million Free Users

Intuit's shares fell sharply after the company reported a loss of one million free TurboTax users, raising concerns about demand for its software despite a rise in average user spending and increased revenue.

Truth Social Usage Plummets as the Platform Launched by Donald Trump Struggles to Attract, Keep Users

Truth Social, the social media platform launched by former President Donald Trump's media company, is struggling to maintain its US user base...

China Bans Wealthy Influencers from Social Media After Flagging their 'Luxury' Content as Bad Behavior

China has recently cracked down on "bad behavior" content, suspending super-wealthy social media influencers to discourage extravagance and materialism...

TikTok Has New Guidelines That Limit Exposure of State-Backed Media Accounts

TikTok restricted state-backed media to combat foreign influence during a crucial election year in numerous nations...

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Elon Musk's X Rolls Out Free Premium Features for Selected "Influential" Users Are You Eligible?
Elon Musk's X introduces a new program rewarding "influential users" with premium features and blue check verification badges. Here's how to know if you're eligible.
Elon Musk, X Sued by Former Twitter Exec Nick Caldwell Over Alleged Breach of Contract, Unpaid Severance
Nick Caldwell's legal team alleged that Elon Musk’s X withheld severance benefits from the former Twitter exec and others while falsely accusing them of misconduct.
Wear-Tech's MAHI, Safeguarding Our Loved Ones with High-Tech Solutions and User Simplicity
The well-being of our loved ones often weighs heavy on our minds. For our vulnerable children and aging parents, we often feel helpless to protect them. Almost 40,000 adults aged 65 and up died in 202
Spotify to Roll Out Price Hikes in UK, Australia, with US Next in Line
Spotify plans price hikes in key markets, with the US likely affected later. Individual plans to raise $1, duo and family by $2.
China's Lucrative Livestream Shopping Industry: Influencer Shocks with $13M Tax Bill
China's influencer industry is spotlighted as 'Little Fairy' discloses a $13M tax bill, highlighting immense profitability. Pan Yurun's $28M income reflects the sector's growth amidst crackdowns.
Elon Musk Adds a Safety Team to Re-connect X's to Advertisers
Elon Musk's social media platform, X, confronts advertiser exodus and safety issues with new safety chiefs amidst controversy, aiming to rebuild trust and stability.
Google to Destroy 'Incognito' Browsing Data in Settlement of Consumer Privacy Lawsuit
Google will destroy billions of user browsing data to resolve a lawsuit alleging that Chrome's "incognito" mode monitored users despite privacy assurances.
AT&T Data Breach Update: Customers Urged To Change Passcode, Here's How
Customers affected by the AT&T data breach are urged to change their passcodes. Here's how.
China Struggles to Match AI Advancements in U.S. Due To OpenAI
China remains behind the United States in developing its own version of OpenAI but vows to be on top through a strong base of AI researchers worldwide.
Former Trump Administration's US Treasury Secretary Wants to Buy TikTok And Remove Its 'Algorithm'
Under the Trump administration, former US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin expressed interest in buying TikTok and removing its algorithm within six months.
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