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Microsoft and Amazon's AI Partnerships To Be Investigated By UK Regulators

British antitrust regulators are examining partnerships between tech giants Microsoft and Amazon and smaller AI firms, seeking input to assess whether these partnerships can bring out unfair competition in the AI market.

TikTok, ByteDance Spend Over $7 Million on Lobbying and Ads to Fight Potential US Ban

TikTok and its China-based parent company, ByteDance, have collectively spent over $7 million to counter its potential US ban...

Google Executive Advises Staff to 'Move Within Shorter Timelines' Due to New Market Realities

In a recent meeting at Google's headquarters, Google Senior VP and Search head Prabhakar Raghavan warned employees of a "new operating reality," imposing shorter deadlines to move faster...

Donald Trump Urges 'Young Voters' to Blame Joe Biden if TikTok Gets Banned in the US

Former President Donald Trump said Monday that President Joe Biden would be the one responsible if TikTok is banned in the US as he was "pushing" for it...

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OpenAI Scores Big Win in Court After Sarah Silverman's Copyright Lawsuit Is Partially Dismissed
A copyright lawsuit against OpenAI filed by a group of authors, including comedian Sarah Silverman, who alleged that ChatGPT is pirating their work, was partially dismissed by a California court.
Elon Musk's X Sued by Its San Francisco HQ Landlord for $13.6 Million, While SpaceX Fined After a Worker Accident
Elon Musk's X, formerly known as Twitter, is facing a lawsuit from the landlord of its San Francisco headquarters who seeks $13.6 million to refill a line of credit after the company allegedly failed
Elon Musk Brings 3-Year-Old Son to the Super Bowl Hours After Judge Orders Him to Testify in SEC's Twitter Probe
A federal judge in California has ordered tech billionaire Elon Musk to testify again in the US Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) investigation of his $44 billion takeover of Twitter.
Donald Trump-Linked Media Company Is Nearing a $50 Million Financing Deal: Report
Digital World Acquisition Corp., the blank check company set to take former President Donald Trump's social media platform public, is reportedly on the brink of securing a $50 million financing deal.
Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth 2024: The Meta CEO's Wealth Soared $28 Billion in One Day
What is Mark Zuckerberg's net worth? The tech billionaire's fortune is once again in the spotlight following a milestone win for Meta.
Simplifying Online Security: How Dteckt Empowers Everyone to Stay Safe Online
With the ever-present threat and news of data breaches, identity theft, and cyberattacks, the demand for robust consumer cybersecurity solutions has reached unprecedented levels. Relying solely on bus
Festivals, Pop-Ups, and Beyond — Old City Media's Evolutionary Journey in Experiential Marketing
Ray Sheehan, founder of Old City Media, has been challenging the industry norms by reshaping how brands connect with their audience. The agency began in the entertainment sector and organized world-cl
Success in Social Commerce — Shane Quigley's Analysis of Popular Social Media Platforms
Looking at the immense popularity of social media platforms, businesses now prefer social media marketing. In 2022, it made $724 billion globally, and experts predict it will skyrocket to $6 trillion
The Zipinmail Movement: Ending Archaic Mail Delivery, Saving Trees, and Helping Consumers & Businesses
Zipinmail is modernizing traditional paper mail services with its address-based digital delivery platform aimed at reducing environmental impact and streamlining the process of sending and receiving m
Google Lays off Around a Thousand Workers in Engineering and Other Divisions
Google has laid off around a thousand employees across the company late Wednesday night.
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