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OpenAI Gambles on Apple's No-Payment Deal for ChatGPT Access in iOS 18

Apple's deal to integrate ChatGPT into its devices for iOS18 is reportedly without financial compensation, with OpenAI banking on "exposure" to Apple's consumer base.

Pew Survey Reveals Americans Trust TikTok for News Content Amid Political Turmoil

According to a March Pew Research study of 10,000 American adults, TikTok was least likely to influence news stories through algorithmic recommendations or content moderation than Facebook, Instagram,..

UpBeing: Combining Social and Wellbeing Application to Combat the Loneliness Epidemic

One wellness company diving into the market is UpBeing. It's social but the opposite of social media. Rather than creating antisocial behavior, like most social network apps, UpBeing fosters pro-socia..

Facebook Post by 'Professional' Troll Could Complicate Donald Trump's Hush Money Conviction — Here's Why

A Facebook comment by a self-described "professional" troll has the potential to complicate former President Donald Trump's recent hush money trial conviction...

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Trump Media Asks Louisiana to Investigate 'Anomalies' Surrounding the Trading of Its Shares
Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the owner of former President Donald Trump's social media platform Truth Social, has called on Louisiana's financial regulator to investigate alleged irregular
IRS Free Tax Filing Tool Launch Triggers Intuit Share Drop as TurboTax Loses 1 Million Free Users
Intuit's shares fell sharply after the company reported a loss of one million free TurboTax users, raising concerns about demand for its software despite a rise in average user spending and increased
Truth Social Usage Plummets as the Platform Launched by Donald Trump Struggles to Attract, Keep Users
Truth Social, the social media platform launched by former President Donald Trump's media company, is struggling to maintain its US user base.
China Bans Wealthy Influencers from Social Media After Flagging their 'Luxury' Content as Bad Behavior
China has recently cracked down on "bad behavior" content, suspending super-wealthy social media influencers to discourage extravagance and materialism.
TikTok Has New Guidelines That Limit Exposure of State-Backed Media Accounts
TikTok restricted state-backed media to combat foreign influence during a crucial election year in numerous nations.
Elon Musk’s X to Make ‘Likes’ Private so Users Can Like 'Edgy' Posts Without Worrying
Elon Musk's X is considering a major update that could alter how users engage with its content: hiding likes by default.
Nebraska Sues TikTok for Allegedly Being Addictive, Posing Risks to Youth’s Mental Health
Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers sued TikTok, alleging that it is addictive and unsafe for youth, contributing to their mental health crisis.
TikTok Leans on Generative AI to Fuel Its Digital Ad Business
TikTok is leaning on generative AI to boost its digital advertising business.
Meta Faces Backlash Over AI Summarizing News That Will Not Direct Links to Sources
Meta's AI chatbot, Meta AI, now uses news content for summaries within its platform, potentially impacting news traffic and raising concerns about copyright, fair use, and misinformation.
TikTok Launches $1 Million Program for Socially Driven Creators Amid Potential US Ban
TikTok has launched a $1 million program for socially driven creators amid a potential ban in the US.
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