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Reddit to Go Public After Submitting Its IPO Filing to Trade on NYSE Under the Ticker 'RDDT'

Reddit is going public after submitting its IPO prospectus to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Thursday.

Elon Musk Gets Into Heated Exchange With Stephen King After the Author Refused to Call Twitter by Its New Name X

Elon Musk got into a heated exchange with Stephen King after the renowned author refused to call Twitter by its new name, X...

Donald Trump's Social Media Deal Greenlighted by SEC — And It Could Make Him a Fortune

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has given the green light for former President Donald Trump's media and technology firm to merge with the blank-check acquisition company Digital World ..

Valentine's Day 2024: Dating App Market Is Losing Steam as Users' Interest Seems to Be Waning

Valentine's Day 2024 is not stirring up as much romance in the dating app market as it used to be...

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Elon Musk's X to Introduce Peer-to-Peer Payments This Year
Elon Musk's social media platform, X, has revealed its plans to introduce peer-to-peer payments this year.
Walmart Unveils Plans to Use AI, Drones to Improve Customers' Shopping Experiences
Walmart has revealed its ambitious foray into artificial intelligence (AI) and drone technology to improve its customers' shopping experience.
The Rise of Social Assets: How Digital Properties Are Becoming the New Investment Frontier
In the ever-evolving landscape of investment, a new class of assets is capturing the attention of savvy investors—social assets. These digital properties, encompassing popular YouTube channels, influe
Google Agrees to Settle $5 Billion Consumer Privacy Lawsuit
Alphabet's Google has agreed to settle a lawsuit alleging that the tech company secretly tracked the internet activities of millions of users who believed they were browsing privately.
Online Retailer Zulily Is Closing Down, Laying Off Hundreds of Workers
US-based online retailer Zulily has announced its closure, surprising its customers and hundreds of employees who will be laid off.
Elon Musk's X to Face Court Battle After Failing to Pay Staff Millions in Annual Bonuses
A California federal judge has greenlighted the advancement of a lawsuit against Elon Musk's X, which alleged the company's failure to fulfill commitments related to the annual bonuses of its workforc
Despite AI Hype, New Data Shows Only Few US Companies Are Actually Using It
An NBC News analysis found that despite the AI hype, only a few companies are actually using it.
Amazon Introduces an AI Chatbot for Businesses Called Q
Amazon has unveiled its latest venture into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) by introducing a new chatbot called Q.
Promptify & Focal Studio AI: Chris Gomes Muffat's Contribution to Personalized Engagement
From self-driving cars to personalized recommendations on streaming platforms, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, often in ways that seem straight out of scie
Unifying the Digital Landscape: Cardware's End-to-End Platform for Modern Content Management
The digital ecosystem has evolved into a vast and intricate web of communication channels, data repositories, and content sources. While this digital sprawl has opened new avenues for interaction and
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