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IRS Free Tax Filing Tool Launch Triggers Intuit Share Drop as TurboTax Loses 1 Million Free Users

Intuit's shares fell sharply after the company reported a loss of one million free TurboTax users, raising concerns about demand for its software despite a rise in average user spending and increased revenue.

Truth Social Usage Plummets as the Platform Launched by Donald Trump Struggles to Attract, Keep Users

Truth Social, the social media platform launched by former President Donald Trump's media company, is struggling to maintain its US user base...

China Bans Wealthy Influencers from Social Media After Flagging their 'Luxury' Content as Bad Behavior

China has recently cracked down on "bad behavior" content, suspending super-wealthy social media influencers to discourage extravagance and materialism...

TikTok Has New Guidelines That Limit Exposure of State-Backed Media Accounts

TikTok restricted state-backed media to combat foreign influence during a crucial election year in numerous nations...

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YouTube Tightens Grip on Ad Blockers; Now Targets Third-Party Apps
YouTube is expanding its fight against ad blockers to third-party apps, potentially causing disruptions for mobile users accessing videos through such apps.
Trump Media’s First Auditor Quits After Just a Few Months on the Job: Report
The first auditor appointed by former President Donald Trump's social media company has reportedly resigned after just a brief tenure.
US States Fight Tech Firms With Online Child Safety Bills—Are They Winning?
Many US states are fighting tech firms with online child safety bills. Who's winning this battle?
Wall Street Expresses Concerns Over Reddit's High User Growth But Low Share Value
Wall Street brokerages express doubts about Reddit's user growth which would reach 109 million users by 2026 as Reddit's shares fall below debut price.
Donald Trump Urges His Followers to Support Truth Social as Its Parent Company’s Stock Continues to Dive
Former President Donald Trump is asking his followers to support his social media platform, Truth Social, as the stock price of its parent company, Trump Media & Technology Group, continues to fall fu
LinkedIn Launches Influencer Marketing With 'Thought Leader Ads' to Compete With TikTok And Instagram
LinkedIn, in a bid to rival TikTok and Instagram in influencer marketing, has launched "Thought Leader ads," allowing advertisers to promote posts from independent creators.
Donald Trump Is No Longer on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index as Truth Social Stock Continues to Fall Further
Donald Trump is no longer on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as shares of Trump Media & Technology Group, the parent company behind the former president's social media platform Truth Social, continu
Trump Media Director Accused of ‘Hacking’ Files, Plotting a Coup to Oust Former CEO of Digital World: Lawsuit
A federal civil lawsuit filed in Florida accused a current member of the board of directors of former President Donald Trump's media company of hacking and plotting a corporate coup.
The UK Considers Banning Smartphone Sales to Children Under 16 Amid Strong Public Backing
The UK considers banning smartphone sales to under-16s due to rising safety concerns. Recent surveys show strong public support.
TikTok's Resilience Shines as Parent Company, ByteDance's Profits Surge 60%
ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, saw a massive surge in profits in 2023, surpassing industry giants like Tencent and Alibaba Group, despite the TikTok ban in the US.
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