Talking Plants? This Startup Could Help Plants Communicate With Farmers

By Giuliano De Leon

Apr 25, 2024 03:59 PM EDT

What if plants can talk? This is what this eco-friendly startup is trying to do. InnerPlant, an ag-tech firm, wants to help farmers and plants communicate with one another.

Talking Plants? This Startup Could Help Plants Communicate With Farmers!
This startup is helping plants talk! Here's how its technology could benefit the agriculture industry.
(Photo : Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash)

But how can InnerPlant make this happen? How can its technology help the agriculture industry? Here are the latest details you need to know.

Talking Plants: How InnerPlant Do It

According to CNBC's latest report, InnerPlant developed a technology that uses "fluorescents" to emit a signal. Utilizing this innovation, plants can emit this signal in their leaves when distressed.

This signal is detectable using certain devices attached to tractors, drones, and satellites.

"As the plant is reacting to the stresses in your environment, like fungal pressure insects or nitrogen deficiency, it will start to signal," explained InnerPlant CEO Shely Aronov.

She added that once this signal is released, it can help farmers understand what areas need attention and which parts are fine and don't need additional chemicals.

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How InnerPlant's Tech Can Help Agriculture

FastCompany reported that around a quarter of the crops across the world are destroyed by fungal diseases before they are even harvested. This issue is still getting worse as years go by.

Because of this, farmers tend to rely on chemicals to blanket their crop rows. Unfortunately, they usually spray the entire field since they can't quickly know what plants are affected.

This is where InnerPlant's technology comes in. If farmers use the startup's technology, then they can identify the plants affected explicitly by fungal diseases. This would allow them to focus on these plants and reduce the use of chemicals, which are also harmful to humans when accidentally consumed.

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