Apple Could Stop Selling iPhone in the UK if Government Passes Bill Banning Encryption

The UK government is trying to pass a bill that would ban strong end-to-end encryption that could force Apple to stop selling its iPhone in that country. According to Forbes, the UK government plans to pass legislation that would prohibit the use of strong encryption, which means any encryption they can't break is not allowed.

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iPad Pro to hit the shelves next week

At Apple's iPhone 6 launch on 9th September, Apple also unveiled its iPad Pro, a 12.9inch wonder gadget described as the most capable and powerful iPad ever created making it a most wonderful gift this Christmas.

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Apple created virtual reality music video for U2

Apple and Irish band U2 collaborated on a 360-degree U2 music video produced by Vrse App, a platform for original VR content. The U2's "Song for Someone" music video is Apple's first experiment in mixing VR and music videos.

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Samsung Galaxy View is the new 18-inch tablet

Samsung Electronics announces the Samsung Galaxy View, an 18.6-inches tablet. This new product is designed to sit between a tablet and TV. But with its 18.6-inch large display, Samsung Galaxy View is less of a tablet and more of a portable touch TV.

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JPMorgan Chase is Challenging Apple Pay with Chase Pay

Apple has enjoyed a series of advantages of their innovative mobile payment and digital wallet service with ApplePay. However, Apple and other technology companies which dominated the mobile payment service, is now facing a serious competition from one big financial institution, JPMorgan Chase.

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European Commission Rules Starbucks' and Fiat's Tax Deals with Dutch and Luxembourg Tax Authorities Illegal - Ordering Both Companies To Pay Millions of Euro in Back Taxes

The European Commission ruled on Wednesday that Starbucks Corp and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles benefited from illegal tax deals with the Dutch and Luxembourg authorities, sending shock waves to MNCs who have been using such profit-shielding tax deals in the past.

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Pandora's stock tumble wipes out $1.4-bn market cap

The internet radio services provider Pandora's stock plummeted owing to increased competition in the global market. Pandora shares dropped 35 percent on Wall Street in just one session eroding $1.4billion market capitalization of the company. The emerging competition in internet radio services from global majors such as Apple is impacting the Pandora's performance. Adding to this YouTube has also introduced a subscription plan for music and video.

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Starbucks and Fiat are required to pay back millions in taxes to Dutch and Luxembourg Government

The European Union Commission agreed that Starbucks Corp and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV is currently benefiting from illegal tax deals with the government. The decision came yesterday after the hearing organized by the European Parliament.

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Apple creates quality program to address MacBook 'Staingate' problem

The anti-reflective display coating of some Retina MacBook Pro owners easily wear off and get scratched. This problem has sparked complaints among users and has made its way into Social Media and the Apple Support Communication. This problem has been called the "Staingate" issue. To handle the situation, Apple came up with a new Quality Program that would address the problem.

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President of Indonesia to Visit Silicon Valley’s tech giants on US trip

Indonesian president is scheduled to visit US's giant tech companies during his first trip in the United States. The trip will start on October 26 and it will be a five-day trip full of bilateral business agenda.

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Samsung struggling to increase revenue

The world's largest smartphone manufacturer, Samsung is struggling to increase its market share after the company continuously reported a decline in profit. The first decline is reported back in its third quarter revenue in 2014. Investors are anxious to see what Samsung has in plan to ensure more revenue for their next quarterly report.

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US firms stash $2.1tn overseas to skip tax at home

The US companies are keeping their profits made overseas out of the homeland in order to avoid taxes. It's estimated that 500 large US companies are holding over $2.1 trillion accumulated profits overseas to avoid taxes. These companies have to shell out $620billion by paying US taxes to repatriate the funds.

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Apple's price target of $200 is overstated by 25%, says analyst

Is the $200 price target for Apple's stock achievable considering the estimated sales realization from iPhone 6 and Apple Watch? Some analysts say yes and some say it's overpricing from the current price of $110. Overdependence on price-earnings (PE) multiples and surplus cash are being added to $200 target.

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No role of nationality in antitrust probe: EU antitrust chief

Ruling out North America's claim that European antitrust authority is going in an anti-US bias in dealing with Google and Apple, the European Competition Commissioner (ECC) Margrethe Vestager has termed it as a misleading notion of the world's largest economy. Vestager has been criticized in the US media for her role in opening multiple cases against the US corporate giants Google, Apple, Amazon and Starbucks during the past one year. Vestager has become the target of the US media as European regulators are protecting EU companies from the US competition.

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Amazon bans sale of Apple, Google streaming devices

Amazon is disallowing the sale of media-streaming devices from Apple and Google. In an e-mail to its marketplace sellers, the Web retailer says that after October 29, it will no longer sell Apple TV's and Google Chromecasts. "It's important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion," said Amazon in the e-mail.

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