Tesla Drags Apple to Court in an Upcoming Autopilot Crash Trial That Killed an Apple Engineer

Tesla and Apple may be heading to court together over a fatal 2018 crash linked to its Autopilot system, involving the death of an Apple engineer allegedly playing a video game on his phone.

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Apple AI-Powered Home Robots Reportedly in The Works After Tech Giant Kills Electric Car Project

Apple's home devices group is reportedly developing a mobile robot and an advanced tabletop device with a moving display, both powered by robotics.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Slammed by Critics Over Remarks Praising China

Apple CEO Tim Cook has visited China to boost iPhone sales while praising the Chinese economy. However, he was criticized at home for his laudatory remarks.

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Apple Plans to Integrate Chinese AI Technology Into iPhone 16 And More After CEO Tim Cook's Shanghai Visit

Apple responded to declining sales in China by planning to integrate Baidu's AI technology into its upcoming iPhone 16 and other products for the Chinese market, following CEO Tim Cook's visit to Shanghai.

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Apple, Google, and Meta Face Potential Billion-Dollar Fines From European Commission Over Market Violations

The EU probes tech giants Apple, Google, and Meta under Digital Markets Act for potential violations to curb market dominance. Apple recently fined $2B.

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DOJ-Apple Antitrust Lawsuit May Lead to a Change in Business or a Long Legal Battle

The U.S. Department of Justice's lawsuit against Apple for alleged antitrust violations has initiated a lengthy legal battle that may reshape Apple's business practices and the tech industry. The DOJ accuses Apple of unfairly controlling its ecosystem.

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Spotify, Epic Games, Deezer, Match Group, and Other Tech Allies Support DOJ's Antitrust Lawsuit Against Apple

A group of key app developers, which include Epic Games, Spotify, and others, known as the Coalition for App Fairness (CAF), is supporting the DOJ's antitrust lawsuit against Apple.

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DOJ Files New Apple Antitrust Lawsuit, Alleging Monopoly Harmful to Consumers, Developers

DOJ accuses Apple of monopolistic practices in the smartphone market, alleging inflated prices and restricted competition.

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DOJ Plans To Sue Apple Over Alleged Antitrust Law Violation

The DOJ is preparing to file suit against Apple on Thursday, alleging that the company violated antitrust laws by preventing competitors from accessing hardware and software features of iPhone.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Visits Shanghai as Pressure Mounts on China Sales

Apple CEO Tim Cook arrives in Shanghai ahead of a new retail store opening and decreasing iPhone sales.

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Apple Might Use Google's Gemini to Empower iPhone With Generative AI Features; Here's When Will It Arrive?

Apple and Google are in talks to create Gemini-powered iPhone AI features! Here's what consumers need to know.

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Apple Teases AI Projects After Buying DarwinAI

Apple's acquisition of DarwinAI hints at the company's interest in AI technology in their future products, with analysts thinking this could make iPhones improve faster and make Apple stronger in the AI market.

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Apple Faces Contempt Plea from Epic Games for Alleged Non-Compliance with App Store Court Order

Epic Games seeks the court to hold Apple in contempt for failing to open its App Store to external payment sources after Apple approved third-party apps with payment processing links.

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Apple to Open New Retail Store in Canada's Second Largest Mall

Apple will soon open a new retail store at Square One Shopping Centre in Ontario, Canada.

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Apple To Invest $139 Million in Shenzhen Lab, China To Boost Product Development

The new Apple Shenzhen laboratory will improve the testing and research of devices like iPhones and iPads in China as part of its efforts to boost product quality amidst declining sales in the region.

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