Apple Starts on AI

Apple's artificial intelligence is now going to start and soon it will be publishing and engaging with their academic work.

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Apple Urges Government To Patronize And Encourage Self-Driving Cars

Apple is urging the US government to open its mind towards the advantage of self-driving cars.

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Apple Plans To Change for Better

There has been rumors running around that Apple is ramping up its suppliers to make a better model for next year.

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Apple Reveals And Confirms A Big iPhone Error

Apple has confirmed that its iPhone 6 Plus has "Touch Disease" wherein there are flickering bars and multi-touch issues. In response to this flaw, Apple launched a repair program for affected handsets.

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Samsung Gears Up Competition With Apple Through Harman Deal

Just recently, Samsung has announced its plan to purchase the US based Harman International Industries, Inc. through an all-cash deal worth $8 billion.

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CONFIRMED Leak! Apple Will Release A 'Glass iPhone 8' Soon!

In a leak, the ever techy Robert Scoble shared on some features about the picture and insights of the next Apple glass baby, iPhone 8.

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Amazon Sells Fake Apple Chargers

Reports are spreading that Amazon is selling counterfeited Apple chargers. Amazon negates the allegation.

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Apple Hires Its First Ever Al Research Director

Apple is improving its company technology as it hires research director.

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Apple Opts to Open Another Chinese Research Lab

To expand more of its horizon in business, Apple is about to build another research lab in China.

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MacBookPro 2016 Update: Apple To Release This October; New Specs And Features Leaked

As it is much anticipated by the techy world, Apple i sto release the all new MacBook Pro 2016 this October.

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Apple Invests $1B To China's Uber; Takes a Board Seat

Apple, in its investment to Didi and its interest to the auto industry was serious for it invest a huge amount which cost $1B. Rumors spread that Apple focuses on manufacturing cars.Upon the investment made Apple has now a slot on the seat of the board.

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Gartner: For eight consecutive quarters, sales of global PC declined

Gartner emphasizes that the sales of desktops, laptops, and other devices dropped 5.7 percent in the third quarter of 2016.

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US Stocks & Sectors Rise, Energy & Apple Moves Higher

U.S. stocks rise its gain. It leap up so high and while other stocks plungeto the lowest blow. Apple takes over Samsung, as it suffers from production for the replacement of the recalled unit. Other firms are enjoying its net as it rise up to a certain degree.

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Google Fires Up Competition With Iphone

The roster of Google’s newest releases includes a powerful line of phones, a virtual reality headset, and a much improved Google Chromecast. However, the star of the show was their new smartphone, the Google Pixel. Will they raise the standards of the smartphone playing field after this?

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Aetna Opens Up to Fund Apple Watches

Aetna is working on writing apps that can be used on iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches that will encourage its customers to take their medications, seek support groups for their diagnoses, or pay their premiums via Apple Wallet.

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