Apple launches Apple Music to Chinese consumers

Apple finally announced the launching of Apple Music to Chinese customers. The app comes with a three-month trial. After that, 10 Chinese yuan per month will be charged. iTunes, iBooks, and Movies were also made available.

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From an iPhone to a Tesla car, how much energy do these devices really use?

It's not rocket science to figure out that everything that runs with electricity costs money; exactly how much it costs, however, has just been recently figured out. People these days are not only looking for the best mobile devices; they are also on the lookout for better battery lives. Big Corporations such as Apple has taken an initiative for this. For example, according to MacStories the newly released iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus and its new iOS 9 have optimized apps and key technologies that help its users have an energy efficient experience. That's because everyone just struggles with battery life and there's no such thing as enough battery.

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IBM's Watson supercomputer is coming to Silicon Valley

IBM is bringing its supercomputer, Watson, to Silicon Valley. The tech giant will open in San Francisco, California an innovation center for Watson, known for defeating human rivals on the TV quiz show, Jeopardy, in 2011.

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Apple just released iOS 9.0.1 to fix the "Slide to Upgrade" bug

Apple just released iOS 9.0.1 to fix their major "Slide to Upgrade" bug issue that over half of its users are experiencing after its iOS 9 update. Affected users can get the update by connecting their iPhone, iPad, and iPod to the iTunes on their computer and perform a force restart of their device.

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Apple’s API for ad blockers is a threat to Google and web publishers

Since Apple made it easier for developers to create ad blockers, blocker apps gained revenue in the App Store. Reports said this is an absolute danger for Google and web publishers. In June, The Next Web reported Apple Inc. has provided tools for developers to create apps that block web ads. The tools are exclusively only for iOS9's default browser Safari.

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Apple's iOS App Store Gets Invaded By 'XcodeGhost'

Recently, Apple has been having problems with the iOS download leaving iPhone devices to crash and Apple fans deeply frustrated. Some were lucky enough to get the new operating system, but others were unfortunate.

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Apple wins patent infringement case but Samsung is likely affected

The federal court ordered Samsung to halt older version of its smartphones for breaching Apple's patent. It was found that Samsung was guilty of copyright infringement filed by Apple. But the features included in the case were no longer used by Samsung.

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Apple iOS, praised and criticized at the same time

While the new operating system of Apple is being praised, it is also being criticized by those annoyed iPhone users whose devices crashed and were not able to upload it. Tech analysts blame it to overloading due to the simultaneous uploading of Apple fans who cannot wait to try the promising features of iOS 9.

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Mobile apps are more utilized than TV

Mobile apps give a lot of benefits in more ways than one. You will never miss out on your favorite show or favorite basketball or football game because you can now watch it just by using your phone.

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IPhone 6S and 6S Plus to exceed last year sale; Apple opened high in the stock market

Apple's iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus shows strong records to exceed its 10 million sales last year. In line with that, analysts are watching Apple as its stocks climb up. On Monday, Apple announced the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are on track to beat last year's sales. Apple (AAPL, +0.84%) also opened higher on the stock market.

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Apple takes a bite at the enterprise segment

Apple's collaboration with various tech companies to penetrate the once Windows-dominated IT industry proves that Apple is truly a key player in this enterprise.

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Rose Gold iPhone makes its debut

Apple has recently launched the new phone with much cacophony with a built-in new camera and pressure-sensitive display. The only thing which is new to the eye is its very pink rose gold colour and tiny "S" on the back, as reported by the Independent news.

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Apple launches upgrades, including first ever Apple Pencil; Looks great but impractical, says professional designers

Tech giant Apple released Wednesday a series of product upgrades, including the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus, Siri-collaborative Apple TV, the enterprise-grade 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and the first ever Apple Pencil, which is a stylus for designers and creatives.

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Blackberry Buys Rival Good Technology for $425M, Expecting $160M Revenue from the Acquisition

BlackBerry Ltd announced Friday that it acquired Good Technology for $425 million to improve its position in the Apple world. BlackBerry expects to earn $160 million in revenue during the first year after the acquisition, which will close on November. This is according The Daly Mail UK. BlackBerry's shares listed in Toronto saw a 1.1 percent spike at C$7.97 in early during the trade. BlackBerry Chief Executive John Chen promised that their cash flow would remain positive overall. He said he sees a lot of opportunity to drive value for the company's stakeholders.

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Dominant Apple gets a big bite in the market share pie

Apple once again proved to be the leader in the getting the highest sales for smartphones in the U.S. market. comScore, a digital media analytics, reported that Apple's iPhone continue to leave its competitors behind having a 44.2% of all American smartphone users with an increase of 1.1% from 43.1% it held in April of this year.

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