Amazon Prime Day 2024 Projects $14 Billion Profit, Data Analytics Say

With Amazon’s Prime Day merely hours away, Adobe Analytics data is expecting that the retailer would receive a $14 billion paycheck.

UK's Electoral Commission Reveals Labour's Nearly Fivefold Donation Increase After Election Win

The UK’s Electoral Commission revealed that the Labour Party, which won a landslide victory in this month’s general election, received almost five times as much campaign donation money as the Conserva..

Elon Musk Offers Own Sperm to Colonize Mars — Is It Possible?

The New York Times revealed that Elon Musk is intending to donate his own sperm to boost the colonization of Mars...

UK Economy Grows 0.4% in May: Official Statistics

The United Kingdom’s Office of National Statistics released the latest economic figures, which revealed that the country’s economy grew by 0.4% in May...

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North Eastern USA Coast Is More Prone To Hurrican, Research Says
The Northeastern coast of the USA could be struck by more frequent and more powerful hurricanes in the future due to shifting weather patterns, according to new research.
Legislators Moved to Stop University Of Mexico On Making Research With Aborted Babies Body Parts
Thinking that the research is illegal, state lawmakers pushed to stop University of Mexico on researching using the body parts of aborted babies.
Trump Advisers Suggest To End NASA's Climate Research
Donald Trump advisers thought that NASA Climate research is just a waste of time and effort for everyone so it must be ended and dismantled.
Ways To Conduct A Cheap Market Research
There are still ways to have a good market research.
Universities Join Hands With Chinese Firms For Some Research Projects
The University of Michigan is now in partner with some Chinese Institutions for some projects and research.
Exclusive Video: X-ray Captures Real Life Photosynthesis
The research and access to see and watch the process of photosynthesis is now on another level with X-ray.
Critics Says UK's Research Pledge Of £2 Billion Is Vague
Cautious welcome for UK's vague £2 billion research pledge
Liberals Teams Up To Stop Animal Researches
Liberals are pushing advocaies to stop animal experiments and researches.
Theresa May Announce UK Research Investment Expected To Sky-Rocket By Autumn
UK Research Investment Expected To Sky-Rocket By Autumn: Theresa May Set To Announce
C-SOPS Partnership with Thermo Fisher
C-SOPS and Thermo Fisher had teamed up to enable research center work and to develop the acceleration on continuous manufacturing techniques for pharmaceutical discoveries.
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