Sam Altman-Backed Group Just Finished the Largest Basic Income Study in the US. Here’s What It Found

The study gave 1,000 lower-income individuals $1,000 in monthly payments for three years.

US Could See Another ‘Great Resignation’ as 3 in 10 Workers Plan To Quit in 2024: Survey

More than half of workers surveyed cited low pay as the top reason why they were likely to quit their jobs this year...

Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly Shares Decrease After Roche Reveals Obesity Drug Trial

Shares of pharmaceutical companies Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly slid after Roche announced results from a promising early-stage trial for its proposed obesity drug...

Amazon Prime Day 2024 Projects $14 Billion Profit, Data Analytics Say

With Amazon’s Prime Day merely hours away, Adobe Analytics data is expecting that the retailer would receive a $14 billion paycheck...

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