Zuckerberg’s Efforts For Spreading Internet Connectivity Draw Further Criticisms

By Staff Writer

Jan 22, 2016 12:32 AM EST

Mark Zuckerberg's one of the highest profile projects for the past several years remains as the expansion of internet access around the world. The co-founder and CEO of Facebook is trying to do this by offering free cellular service through an initiative naming internet.org. He is also expanding the internet arena via drones that beam internet connections to far-away places.

Every one is not in support for Zuckerberg or the way through which he is approaching to implement these projects. He is facing criticism for particularly limiting the nature of internet connections that some of Facebook programs offer. But the Facebook hero is still not retreating arguing that these efforts will make the world a better place, reports CNET.

Expanding internet access is aimed for helping people get in to the modern economy. It will become unbelievable after 10 years that people remain out of internet coverage, reported Fianzen quoting Zuckerberg as saying.

Actually these are his reiterated expectations echoing the same to his United Nation speech delivered last September. Referring internet as something beyond network of machines, he describes it as the key driver for social and economic progress in recent days. He has addressed similar comments at public town hall meetings and various press interviews too, reports Wopular.

Criticism against his free internet approach hasn't come to a pause despite his consistency in this regard. Meanwhile, he is trying to figure out how to make it successful ignoring all criticism.

Zuckerberg is apparently adamant to get this project off the ground. Some of his researchers have reminded him that beaming Internet around the world isn't like writing code.

Zuckerberg has continued to engage his critics directly defending internet.org's intention, even in his paternity leave. 'Free Basics' by no mean connects to Facebook's commercial interest since no ad remains present in that version, argues Zuckerg.

However, his speeches haven't acted to refrain from the naysayers' criticisms. Digital right groups from 31 countries have signed an open letter addressed to Zuckerberg.

The open letter accuses internet.org for violating the principles of net neutrality. They have also accused the free internet platform to threaten freedom of expression, diminish equality of opportunity, security, privacy and innovation.

Even an unidentified Facebook employee has termed the internet as a sort of physical stuff. He has also reminded him the appearance of chips, radios and high powered lasers and planes that may fall out of the sky. A Facebook spokesperson hasn't immediately responded to a request for comment.

Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO and co-founder is consistently working to bring all countries and all people under internet coverage. But his efforts have drawn huge criticism since the internet.org violates net neutrality by many means. But Zuckerberg denies the allegations citing absence of any Facebook promotional campaigns in Free Basics.

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