Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector, Introduced By Sony, Hits Market During Mid February

By Staff Writer

Jan 22, 2016 02:27 AM EST

The Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector, introduced by Sony, is going to hit the Japan market on February 13. The Japanese manufacturer has demonstrated the projector at International Franchise Association (IFA) Show, 2015 back in September.

The tiny projector is capable of beaming an image onto a wall from a very short distance. The product is going to be available first in the Japan market for around ¥93,000 ($798).

Sony has reportedly also built a much larger projector with the same ultra short throw technique. But the recently introduced one will be a lot easier to integrate in to the home, reports The Verge.

'Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector' appears to be a clumsy name, but the device seems to be highly descriptive. The small, highly portable, 8 cm wide projector transmits a 1366 x 768 TV image at 100 lumens onto a surface from just couple of centimeters away, reports Trusted Reviews.

Sony's little white box defies the notions of typically large conventional projectors and requires to get plugged in. The LSPX-P1 is small enough to hold in one hand and may be severed from both power and input connections. It may be operated completely wirelessly and can project an image from 20 to 80 inches onto just about any flat surface, reports CNET.

The battery-powered device measures 3.19"x5.16"x5.16"(81mm x 131mm x 131mm). The battery power lasts two hours on a charge and can project an auto focused 1366 x 768 image of 100 lumens and between 22 and 80 inches.

There's an HDMI input, but can also be accessed to content via a wireless hub connected to PC or TV. The projector works with Bluetooth Low Energy to automatically play media from a smart phone when the two devices are closed.

There's also a speaker on the device, with Sony's xLOUD technology helping to boost its power. HDMI port or a wireless hub hooked up to a PC or media player handles connections.

Its UXGA resolution (1,600x1,200) appears to be sufficient to avoid the screen-door effect of visible pixels. Since it uses ultra short-throw technology, so may be placed next to the projection surface like white wall or a piece of paper on a desk.

A smart phone app can be used to control, device and even queue up videos. The short throw projector also includes a built-in speaker.

Sony's portable ultra short throw projector, LSPX-P1 is going to be available first in the Japan market in February 13. The projector has been reported to draw huge attention due to its special features. Sony has unveiled 4K projectors, but its larger size appears as barrier for easy movement. The product will be available in the US market by this summer.

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