Gaza Humanitarian Pier Damaged by Rough Seas, Set for Repairs

By Madz Dizon

May 29, 2024 05:01 AM EDT

Gaza Humanitarian Pier Damaged by Rough Seas, Set for Repairs
American soldiers stand next to one of two US Army vessels that ran aground in Israel's coastal city of Ashdod on May 25, 2024. The US military said four of its vessels, supporting a temporary pier built to deliver aid to Gaza by sea, had run aground in heavy seas.
(Photo : OREN ZIV/AFP via Getty Images)

The Pentagon announced on Tuesday that a pier constructed by the US military off Gaza's coast will be temporarily removed due to a broken part. 

This setback adds to the challenges faced in providing humanitarian aid to Palestinians.

Pentagon Plans Repairs for Damaged Gaza Pier

A complex structure was recently constructed off the Gaza coast by the US, but it is currently unable to function due to stormy weather.

The Pentagon announced that the damaged item will be removed from the beach in the coming days and transported to Ashdod for necessary repairs. In March, USPresident Joe Biden announced the military's efforts to assemble a floating structure off the coast. 

With a price tag of $320 million for the initial 90 days and a deployment of approximately 1,000 US service members, this operation commenced a fortnight ago, Reuters reported.

Spokesperson Sabrina Singh provided an estimate that the repair work will take over a week. Once completed, the structure will be anchored back onto the beach.

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Aid Deliveries in Gaza Halted

Singh said two of the service members sustained minor injuries, while the third remains in critical condition. According to ABC, deliveries were temporarily suspended for two days last week due to an incident involving aid trucks and a tragic loss of life.

As of Saturday, the pier was operating smoothly until the rough seas caused four Army boats to become unmoored. These boats were crucial for transporting aid from commercial vessels to the pier.

Two ships became stranded on the shores of Israel. One has already been recovered and the other will be located within the next 24 hours with the assistance of the Israeli military, according to Ms Singh.

The remaining two boats were left stranded on the beach in Gaza and are anticipated to be retrieved within the next two days. US officials have consistently highlighted the insufficiency of aid provided by the pier and have called for the opening of additional checkpoints for humanitarian trucks to address the needs of starving civilians.

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