Next-Gen CarPlay Feature Set to Convince Car Makers to Hop Onboard

By Patricia Bugayong

Jun 18, 2024 02:51 PM EDT

The next-generation CarPlay, announced at WWDC 2022, aims for deeper integration with car systems by taking over many car screens to display data. At first, a number of automakers expressed interest, including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Land Rover. But things have stopped moving forward, with Mercedes-Benz making it clear that they will not be using it and will instead be using their own operating system.

Most automakers see the use of their own UI as part of the brand experience, which may attribute to their hesitation in adopting the said system. 

Recognizing the need for compromise, especially in cases where CarPlay features may not be the best to use, Apple developed a new feature known as punch-through, in which the car's own UI can take over CarPlay when it wishes, while also being able to dictate when to allow CarPlay back in control of the vehicle's display.

While this compromise might finally push car manufacturers to accelerate the adoption of Apple's CarPlay, it could also lead to a confusing user experience. They also do this in order to get customers into subscriptions, so that they gain more profit.

Apple's Advantage on Car Makers

It is clear that car manufacturers do not really wish to give CarPlay UI complete access on their vehicles' display, preferring to have their own operating systems used. However, they can't deny that people loved and preferred the simplicity of CarPlay. 

For many car manufacturers, this has become the selling point of their cars, and not adopting the next-gen technology poses a risk in losing customers who prefer the said UI. With Apple now placing no limits on when it can be used, auto companies could apply this in almost every function of their vehicles. 

Ultimately, it will be the buyers who decide which interface they prefer on their car displays. While car manufacturers can be as stubborn as they want in using their own operating systems, if things eventually don't work well with their customers, then they will be forced to make more compromises.

Apple has always prided itself in its ecosystem, with how easy it is for their customers to integrate Apple technology in their devices. Because of that, they were able to build a loyal customer base, and car makers should take advantage of that. 

Ultimately, car makers should see where they stand to gain more profit. While they might want to entice customers into buying their subscriptions if they use their own UI, they should see if this would be more detrimental than beneficial to their companies. 

As mentioned earlier, choosing to limit the function of CarPlay while pushing for the use of their own interface in situations that they choose might lead to confusion with the users, since they have to make the transition in between the two UIs as smooth as they can. In the end, customers may be more likely to seek the simplicity and familiarity of the CarPlay. That is, unless these car makers can justify the need for their UI's advanced features.

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