Nurse Alleges FBI Intimidation for Exposing Texas Children's Hospital's Transgender Medicine Billing

By Madz Dizon

Jun 20, 2024 02:02 AM EDT

Nurse Alleges FBI Intimidation for Exposing Texas Children's Hospital's Transgender Medicine Billing
An Emergency Room nurse gives a patient a cup of water at the Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital on August 18, 2021 in Houston, Texas.
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An individual who raised concerns about a prominent children's hospital allegedly engaging in unauthorized billing practices for "transgender medicine" for minors has reported that FBI agents visited her residence, potentially as a means of intimidation for her outspokenness.

Texas Children's Hospital Accused of Violating State Law

On Tuesday (June 18), Vanessa Sivadge, a nurse at Texas Children's Hospital, made a claim that her employer is offering sex change operations to minors for free using Medicaid benefits, which she believes goes against state law. 

It is said that she was the second individual at the hospital to come forward with these details, and both of them supposedly faced visits from the FBI, who allegedly warned them of potential consequences if they continued. Sivadge claims she was warned that agents would "create obstacles" for her.

According to Eyewitness News, Sivadge informed Chris Rufo, a conservative journalist, that the hospital was charging Medicaid for gender-affirming care.

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Whistleblower Nurse Says FBI Threatened Over Privacy Law Violation

Sivadge stated that the hospital's actions indicate a belief that they are exempt from the law. This is demonstrated not only by their decision to keep their transgender medicine program hidden from the public, but also by their alleged theft from the federal government.

Two weeks later, Rufo shared that a group of individuals claiming to be FBI agents arrived at her doorstep, accusing her of violating federal privacy laws, New York Post reported.

"They made threats against me," Sivadge informed Rufo.

During her discussion with Rufo, she claimed that a doctor she collaborated with had a lax approach when it came to providing medical intervention for children expressing a desire to transition to a different gender.

According to her, he goes to great lengths to support their transition and ensure their happiness, at least on the surface.

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