British Weapons Manufacturer BAE Systems Record High Profits Amid War in Ukraine and Gaza

BAE systems saw a spike in their profits in 2023 alone, amounting to $27.3 billion as a weapons manufacturer amid war in Ukraine and Gaza.

Joe Biden Is Cutting 18% of Pentagon's F-35 Jet Order in 2025 Budget Request: Report

President Joe Biden reportedly wants to cut the number of F-35 jets the Pentagon will buy next year...

EU Seals Massive $54 Billion Aid Deal for Ukraine After Hungary Gave In

The leaders of the 27 European Union (EU) countries agreed on Thursday to give Ukraine a new $54 billion aid package after Hungary gave in not to veto the move...

Planet A Foods Raises $15.4 Million Funding to Expand Global Presence of Its Cocoa-Free Chocolate Brand

Planet A Foods has raised $15.4 million in Series A funding to expand the global presence of its cocoa-free chocolate brand...

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