Delivery copany will be widening its capacity at the Roissy Airport.

FedEx will be investing to the Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris to expand or double its capacity of its logistic capacity.

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Bitcoin IRA Unveils Investment Returns Calculator

The company launches its new calculator. It has ability to determine potential returns of investment compared to other firms. It can also give the users risk and benefits.

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US Investment Banking Returns To Spotlight

The banking investments in U.S. have made a come back. Their patience is now rewarded. JP Morgan and Citi standout this third-quarter.

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Analysis on S&P 500 Sectors: Quant Stats, Optimal Weights, and Opportunities

Quant gurus has expressed their anaylis over the S&P 500 sectors. Quant stats are highlighted with its apects on optimal weights and opportunities. They stressed out that though they are experts of the fields, it is good to understand a well-diversified portfolio. They said that quant models are cannot replace human decision-making.

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Softbank's Big Investment

Softbank will give its Investment and will tie up with Saudi Arabia with a multibillion investment.

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Watch Out For REIT Sectors!

Real Estate Investment Trusts gives a prevalent view of sectors which are at risk. It stresses out what are favorable sectors to invest to. The Vanguard REIT Index has highlighted important points to consider.

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Google Sets Up Cloud Plans for Regions

Google Inc. has announced that it has to open more cloud in the different regions. Its main focus of expansion is Asia. Aside from expanding cloud regions in Asia it plans to add more Google Cloud in Europe and etc.

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Monarch Airline Puts In £165M Investment For Greybull

Monarch announced that it will order for 30 latest Boeing 737 jets. As they have renewed their license at Atol. In the history of Monarch, this was this largest budget. Andrew Swaffield, chief executive of the Monarch Group said that it is a testament to the extensive effort by all parties.

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Russia Eyes High Positive Investments From Foreign Investors

Russia's economy starts eventually to improve even if Russia's global political standing. In October, in its latest World Economic Outlook,nternational Monetary Fund predicted that Russia's economy could return to growth in 2017

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China's E-Car Market Lures Mahindra And Mahindra

Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. eyed China for being the hottest electric vehicle market. The company looked for venture partner to carry on its goal in investing Chinese market.

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Brent Improves After Russia Announces Output Deal

The Russian president expressed his support to OPEC. He announced that Russia is ready to join it. OPEC urged other non-members to give their commitments.

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