FinTech slowing down in US and UK

According to reports and data, the company has dropped 52% year over year which had already gone to $2.4 billion globally.

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Ford Shares New Investment Strategy

Ford is working its way to the top as it unveils and share to the world its newest plane of investment. Ford has been one of the premiere car mannufacturing company in the world.

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Yahoo Warns Verizon Of A Possible Deal Walk-Out

Yahoo believes that it has still value so it does not have to go down with Verizon.

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NBC Universal To Sign In Advertising Deal With Apple

Having no marketing team, Apple seeks Comcast expertise to promote itsself more to the public.

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NHI To Invest $74 Million In Connecticut CCRC

NHI is ready to have an investment of $74 Million In Connecticut CCRC.

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Walmart handling employees

5 Ways on how Walmart is handling their employees.

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VC Stability

VC is now in stable in amidst.

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Tesla Purchases Number of Levers To Generate More Income

To have more income and to add up another remarkable investment in its undertakings, Tesla bought numbers of levers.

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No to China Buyig the World Concept

China has been investing to a lot of country this past few months and giving some leaders that China wanted to dominate in the future.

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Success of Walmart In Making People Richer

How Walmart and Big box store make people richer through their business success.

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Amazon News And Update: CFO Describes Amazon's Continues Business Reign In One Sentence

Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky shares how Amazon reaches peak in one sentence.

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Ford Profit Rate Falls 50% Short As Road Gets Rougher But Beats Wall Street Expectation

As competition rises, Ford Motor Corporation falls short as it loses 50% profit. However, it still beats some expectations as that of the Wall Street's.

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Nordics Biggest Buyout Firm Adds Wealth Funds Call

Per Franzen head of Nordics EQT during an interview in Stockholm said that bigger checks can be written to one counter-party is also an important strategy for EQT . He said investors should be more involved as they take over their assets and with an environment with low growth the best thing to do backing with incumbent management teams.

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Metropoulos Opts Investment With 95-year Old Utz Quality Foods

Dylan Lissette, president & CEO of Utz announced its partnership with Metropoulos & Co. The CEO said they are very excited to work with Metropoulos family-owned business for it has a legacy that beholds for over a century. It is one of the most trusted and most successful firm to work with.

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