Apple and Paramount Streaming Bundle Report Spurs Rise in Media Stocks

Media stocks experienced a significant uptick on Friday after a report of Apple and Paramount agreeing to provide a bundled package featuring their respective streaming services.

Nelson Peltz vs. Disney: Billionaire Activist Investor Seeks Multiple Board Seats as He Launches New Proxy Battle

Activist investor Nelson Peltz and his firm Trian Fund Management have reportedly launched a proxy fight with Disney as they aim to secure more than two seats on the board...

General Motors Stock Jumps 10% as the Automaker Announces $10 Billion Buyback, Dividend Hike

General Motors (GM) has unveiled a $10 billion accelerated share repurchase program and reinstated its 2023 earnings guidance...

Mark Cuban to Sell Majority Stake of Dallas Mavericks to Sands Casino Family for $3.5 Billion

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is now in talks to sell a majority stake in the NBA franchise to the family behind the Las Vegas Sands casino company...

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Brent Improves After Russia Announces Output Deal
The Russian president expressed his support to OPEC. He announced that Russia is ready to join it. OPEC urged other non-members to give their commitments.
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Gary Fullam, the investment adviser of Global Investment said that though U.S. stocks had risen its gain, still it is not a reason to celebrate. Firms are still threaten of the bull market.
Top 3 Invesco Mutual Funds
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