AT&T Data Breach Update: Customers Urged To Change Passcode, Here's How

By Giuliano De Leon

Apr 01, 2024 02:11 AM EDT

The newest AT&T breach affects over 73 million subscribers. Over 65 million former AT&T customers and 7.6 million current subscribers. 

The American broadband service provider said that affected active accounts will have their passcodes reset. But, AT&T still urged its consumers to change their account passcodes.

AT&T Data Breach Update: Customers Urged To Change Passcode

AT&T said that customers are strongly encouraged to change their AT&T passcodes if they haven't done so in 2023 and the previous years. This is a part of the ISP's precautionary measure to ensure the safety of consumer data.

If you're still worried that your account is affected and haven't changed your passcode since last year, Digital Trends provided the steps you can follow:

  1. Open your "myAT&T Profile."
  2. Scroll down and access the "My Linked Accounts" section.
  3. Click the Edit button for your account's passcode that you want to change.
  4. Just follow the instructions provided to complete the process.

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Should You Be Worried About AT&T Data Breach?

In the latest AT&T data breach, social security numbers, addresses, and passcodes were leaked on the dark web. Unfortunately, the broadband service provider hasn't confirmed if these sensitive details were stolen or were just accidentally leaked.

As of writing, AT&T is working with cybersecurity researchers to further investigate the incident, as reported by BBC News. Aside from the consumer data above, other leaked information includes email addresses, dates of birth, and customer full names.

AT&T clarified that financial information didn't appear in the latest data breach. Although this is the case, the tech firm still urges its clients to remain vigilant by regularly checking their credit reports and account activities.

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