Unclaimed Baggage: This Company Sells Lost Luggage Luxury Items Like Rolex Watches, Louis Vuitton Bags at Crazy Low Prices

By Jace Dela Cruz

Apr 22, 2024 12:58 AM EDT

A store known for selling items found in lost luggage at discounted rates has gained global attention for its unique offerings, which include luxury items like Rolex watches and Louis Vuitton bags. 

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Unclaimed Baggage Releases 'Found Report' 

Unclaimed Baggage, a store with contracts to buy unclaimed items from airlines, recently published its first "Found Report," showcasing the diverse range of items discovered in unclaimed luggage from air travelers over the past year. 

The most pricey items found this year, based on the list, are a diamond ring (appraised at $37,050), a Cartier Panthère watch ($26,500) and a Hermès Birkin 25 bag ($23,500), CNBC reported.

Despite the store's unconventional inventory, it has garnered widespread consumer fascination and popularity. While air travel has witnessed a significant resurgence in recent years, with over 858 million passengers in 2023, a small fraction of checked and carry-on bags still end up lost or unclaimed.

Unclaimed Baggage has capitalized on this niche market for over 50 years, becoming the nation's sole retailer of lost luggage. The process of sorting through lost and unclaimed bags is likened to an archaeological excavation. It uncovers a myriad of intriguing items that offer insights into contemporary society's preferences and trends. 

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Most Intriguing Discovered Luggage Items in 2023

The store's "Found Report" highlighted some of the most captivating discoveries in 2023, ranging from the bizarre to the extraordinary. These findings include live snakes, rare Hermes Birkin bags, and an eclectic assortment of musical instruments and artifacts from various cultures. 

Here are some of the most fascinating items found in lost luggage this year:

1. Two live snakes

2. A voodoo box with the person who

opened the bag's name on the bottom

3. Two Hermes Birkin Bags

4. A 49-key Keytar synthesizer

5. 13.3' women's vaulting pole

6. A suitcase full of wigs

7. 19 Rolex watches

8. A handmade medieval battle armor vest

9. A funeral casket key

10. A mounted ram head 

Unclaimed Baggage's inventory reflects the evolving landscape of fashion and pop culture since its establishment in 1970. Formerly popular items like the Sony Walkman have been replaced by modern gadgets like Apple AirPods Max, illustrating shifts in consumer preferences over time.

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