Donald Trump Urges 'Young Voters' to Blame Joe Biden if TikTok Gets Banned in the US

By Jace Dela Cruz

Apr 23, 2024 04:28 AM EDT

Former President Donald Trump said Monday that President Joe Biden would be the one responsible if TikTok is banned in the US as he was "pushing" for it.

(COMBO) This combination of pictures created on September 29, 2020 shows Democratic Presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden (L) and US President Donald Trump speaking during the first presidential debate at the Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio on September 29, 2020.
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Donald Trump Says Joe Biden Is to Blame for Any TikTok Ban

On Saturday, the House of Representatives approved bipartisan legislation with a 360-58 vote, granting TikTok's Chinese owner, ByteDance, approximately nine months to divest its US operations or face a national ban.

According to Reuters, this legislation is now moving to the Senate, and Joe Biden has indicated his readiness to sign it into law if it secures the Senate's approval. On Monday, Donald Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform that "Crooked Joe Biden" would be "responsible for banning TikTok."

"He is the one pushing it to close, and doing it to help his friends over at Facebook become richer and more dominant," the former president noted.

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Donald Trump's Efforts to Ban TikTok in 2020

Donald Trump then appealed to younger voters, who account for a significant portion of the TikTok user base, to consider Joe Biden's position on election day.

"Young people, and lots of others, must remember this on November 5th, ELECTION DAY, when they vote! They also must remember, more importantly, that he is destroying our Country, and is A MAJOR THREAT TO DEMOCRACY!" Trump said. 

However, when he was president in 2020, Trump also pursued bans on TikTok and Chinese-owned WeChat over national security concerns. However, the courts blocked his efforts.

TikTok has repeatedly said it has not and would not share US user data with the Chinese government. It has also argued that implementing a ban would trample on the 170 million American app users' free speech rights under the US Constitution's First Amendment.

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