Walmart OKs $1.3 Billion Worth Mexican Investment

Walmart to invest $1.3 billion in Mexico.

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How Walmart Performs During The 'Cyber Monday' 2016 Deal

Sinve Amazon had run out of deal, Walmart is now on the scene.

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Walmart handling employees

5 Ways on how Walmart is handling their employees.

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Success of Walmart In Making People Richer

How Walmart and Big box store make people richer through their business success.

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Retailing Giants Shut Hundreds of Stores Down In US & Elsewhere, Job Cutting Feared

Walmart and Macy’s have announced shutting hundreds of stores on Friday and thus lingers the list with other retailing giants like Sears and Target. Surprising growth of ecommerce has reduced growth of the departmental stores and shopping malls. With the announcement of the World’s largest retailer, traditional stores have been started to witness the blink of extinction.

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Morgan Stanley Sketches Kroger As Potential Threat To Amazon, Walmart

Morgan Stanley, the America based Global financial services firm has described Cincinnati based Kroger as a potential business competitor to Amazon, Walmart followed by a study. The new ecommerce platform has got momentum and enormous popularity due its unique offerings. However, another study has depicted Kroger as a threat to Publix, still remaining away from Amazon or Walmart.

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Starbucks, Walmart and Chain Stores Recalled Products Because of E. Coli

Starbucks, Walmart and dozen chain stores recalled their food product due to E. Coli contamination linked to Costco chicken sandwich case last month.

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Walmart to begin Cyber Monday sales drive

Global retail major Walmart has announced the commencement of Cyber Monday sales from Sunday night of Thanksgiving weekend. Walmart's first round of deals under Cyber Monday will begin on 29 November. Walmart has taken up Cyber Week staring from 28 November until 4 December. Walmart started holiday sales earlier owing to rising consumer demand. Several products will be available at discounts as part of the holiday sales season.

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MIT research finds Android apps doing covert data transfers

Researchers at MIT have discovered that much of the data sent and received by 500 most popular Android applications for Google Android cell phones do not have any significant effect on the users' experience.

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Walmart workers demand expanding food discount for employees

Walmart's labor activists have sent a petition demanding the company to give 10% employee discount in all food at all times of the year, following to successful effort to raise wages.

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Amazon to increase workforce for the holiday seasons

Amazon is one of the giant retail online stores that are hoping to meet the increase in customer traffic this coming holiday seasons. From a workforce of 80,000 last year, it is now hiring more employees to reach the 100,000 figure. It is surpassing the holiday hiring practices of its competitors Macy and Walmart.

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FAA is worried over 1 million drones to be sold this Christmas

The Federal Aviation Administration estimated around 1 million drones will be sold for Christmas this year. And it worries national authorities that it might cause accidents as many of them do not have the proper training to operate UAVs.

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Walmart reduces working hours at some stores after raising pay, thus raising cost

Walmart reduces working hours on some of its outlets. Allegedly, the action is intended to compensate for the higher wages it pays employees.

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Walmart takes full ownership of e-commerce site Yihaodian in China

Walmart is buying 49 percent of Yihaodian's stake, an e-commerce website based in China. This is part of Walmart's fundamental plan to distribute its products to Chinese consumers through its online service.

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U.S. hiring seen solid in June, keeping September rate hike in play

U.S. job growth likely cooled a bit in June after reaching a five-month high, but still-healthy hiring would suggest the labor market is strong enough to support a September interest rate increase by the Federal Reserve.

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