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5 Biggest Chinese Invetment in U.S

China has been really doing well lately in terms of investment in the United States. For the record, here are the 5 biggest investment China has made in the US.

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US A Country

The United States has been considered as a coutry but unfortunately the European Union isnt. The countries that makes up the EU is considered like the states that makes up the U.S

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China Returns U.S. Drone Taken In South China Sea

After the talks between China and the United States have been completed, the underwater drone seized by a Chinese naval ship in South China Sea will be returned to the U.S.

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Iran Shows Commitment To Deal On Nuclear Program

Iran requessted for a meeting of the joint commission regarding the extension of U.S. sanctions to the country.

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Energy Firm Investment Goes Up

For the first time after after two years, the oil and gas investment in the U.S is slowly getting higher.

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FinTech slowing down in US and UK

According to reports and data, the company has dropped 52% year over year which had already gone to $2.4 billion globally.

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Bank in Europe relieves Regulatory Pressue

Deutsche Bank had provided balm on its stability with the U.S

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Gartner: For eight consecutive quarters, sales of global PC declined

Gartner emphasizes that the sales of desktops, laptops, and other devices dropped 5.7 percent in the third quarter of 2016.

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UN Sees Portugal's Antonio Guterres As Next Secretary-General

Guterres, 67 year old will be replacing Ban Ki-Moon, 72 year old of Korea who will step down at the end of 2016 after serving two terms. Guterres was the Prime Minister of Portugal from 1995-2002.

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EU Privacy Regulators Request Changes in EU-US Data Transfer Agreement

WP29 on Wednesday was calling for changes in the commercial data transfer agreement between US and EU. The agency said it does not provide enough protection for privacy for European users.

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Halliburton Acquisition of Baker Hughes Faces a Legal Obstacle

United States Justice Department has prepared a lawsuit to block acquisition of Baker Hughes. Halliburton took over the company in November 2014.

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US does not plan to grant Iran access to US financial system

The US government doesn't seem be in favor of giving total access to Iran on its financial system. US President Barack Obama said the government is not looking to permit the use of its financial system in dollar-denominated deals with Iran.

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US Seeks to Strengthen Economic Relationship with ASEAN to Counter China

As China has increased its influence in Southeast Asia, U.S. stepped in. United States plan to match China in rebalancing Asia by increasing partnership with ASEAN.

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China Military is Closing Tech Gap With the US

Recent statements and reports acknowledged that China is closing its technology gap with the United States, especially in air forces. Chinese governments have been using resources to support modernization on the military. However, the pilots' ability between the two countries is still facing a huge gap due to experience and training program.

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NYC to get $176 million federal funds for hurricane protection

New York City gets a $176 million federal funding to clean up the natural disaster scene, specially after Hurricane Sandy. The fund was raised through a national contest organized by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to better prepare the citizens for any forthcoming natural disaster. Additionally, the city now has the $100 million from Mayor de Blasio to build their large-scale flood protection system around Lower Manhattan.

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