US Urges Japan, Netherlands to Further Limit Exports of Chipmaking Equipment to China

By Jace Dela Cruz

Jun 20, 2024 02:40 AM EDT

The United States (US) is urging Japan and the Netherlands to further hamper China's capability to produce high-tech semiconductors

US Urges Japan, Netherlands to Further Restrict Chipmaking Equipment to China

According to Reuters, US export policy chief Alan Estevez will visit both countries this week to expand a 2023 agreement designed to limit China's access to advanced chipmaking equipment that could bolster its military.

China's foreign ministry spokesperson, Lin Jian, has strongly opposed the US actions. He told a press briefing in Beijing that such measures would not only hinder the global semiconductor industry's development but would also eventually backfire.

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(Photo : Ranjat M from Pixabay)

US Sanctions on China

In 2022, the US levied restrictions on shipping advanced chips and related equipment to China from companies like Nvidia and Lam Research. Following this, Japan curbed exports of 23 equipment types, including devices that carve out microscopic circuits, to align with US policy.

The Dutch government also introduced licensing requirements for ASML's deep ultraviolet (DUV) semiconductor equipment, which limits Chinese access to the company's most advanced machinery.

Negotiations are ongoing to include more Chinese chipmaking factories, including those owned by SMIC, in the restricted list as the US urges its allies to further tighten restrictions on China's access to semiconductor technology.

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