Opera's Max Data-Savings App to be Pre-Installed On14 OEMs

Opera's new data-management app will be pre-installed into phones from 14 OEMs, the company announced November 8. According to Tech Crunch, the new Opera Max will be integrated to 100 million Android phones by 2017, including Samsung, Xiaomi, Acer, TWZ, and Hisense.

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Google Acquires Photo Video app maker Fly Labs

Google acquired New York City-based Fly Labs, the photo and video editing software company responsible for apps like Flt, Tempo, Crop, and Clips in the iOS App Store. Google seeks to provide better video and photo editing features for its users through the acquisition of the small app maker company, according to Information Week.

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Chronos Turn Your Favorite Wrist Watch Into Smart Watch

Smartwatch offers a new level of comfort with more than just a timekeeping. However, smartwatch have not been able to penetrate market well enough. A new innovation from Trivoly is expected to bridge the gap between mechanical watch and smartwatch. Chronos, a tiny disc that is able to turn regular wrist watch into smart watch is planned for shipping worldwide in February 2016.

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Philips announced Sapphire S616 and Sapphire Life V787 smartphones with anti-blue displays

Philips Electronic Inc. announced the release of a pair of Android smartphones, Sapphire Life V787 and Sapphire S616. The smartphones feature SoftBlue that makes anti-blue screen by reducing 86% of the blue lights emitted.

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Linux Kernel 4.3 is Released After a Blurt Message from Creator

Linux, the once revolutionary operating system in the 1990's, has just released its latest kernel version. The release of its new 4.3 kernel was preceded by an angry message by its creator due to bad programming code.

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Snapchat introduces another new update

Snapchat rolls out another new feature that will allow users to use slow-motion, fast-forward, and rewind to their videos. It is called "Speed Modifiers". Users can update to the new feature for free and it is available for both Android and iOS.

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Microsoft Announces Arrow Launcher for Android

Microsoft officially anounced its Arrow launcher for Android. A customization application that enable Android users to modify how their device look and behave. The application is now officially available for download in Android Google Play.

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Google Photos' new enhancements include hiding photos of specific people

There are new enhancements in Google Photos, including better app performance, face matching features, and it can also allow users to hide photos of specific people.

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Apple created virtual reality music video for U2

Apple and Irish band U2 collaborated on a 360-degree U2 music video produced by Vrse App, a platform for original VR content. The U2's "Song for Someone" music video is Apple's first experiment in mixing VR and music videos.

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Samsung Galaxy View is the new 18-inch tablet

Samsung Electronics announces the Samsung Galaxy View, an 18.6-inches tablet. This new product is designed to sit between a tablet and TV. But with its 18.6-inch large display, Samsung Galaxy View is less of a tablet and more of a portable touch TV.

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Facebook rolls out new notification feature for mobiile

Facebook announced a radical revamp on its iOS and Android mobile apps, especially on its notification feature. The new feature designed to provide users with useful notifications cards based on their location.

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Blackberry’s first Android phone Is now available for pre-order

Blackberry is officially taking pre-order for the Blackberry Priv, the company's first Android-based smartphone. Blackberry Priv was first announced last month. The phone features a touchscreen, slide-out keyboard, and Blackberry's security software.

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Nexus 6P: Google’s New Generation of Android Phablet with Better Size and Price

Google has released a new generation of Android phablet for 2015, The Nexus 6P. Made by Huawei, Nexus 6P offers slimmer and sleeker design, yet lower at price compared to Nexus 6.

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Waze finally gets an update after Google's acquisition

The largest community-based traffic app, Waze, had updated its features after three years. As Google had bought the app, the company said it will soon roll out on Android devices too.

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Pepsi Co brews smart phone biz in China

Global soft drink major PepsiCo Inc is testing waters in mobile devices market. The US-based food and beverage company is in the process of launching Pepsi branded smartphones in the Chinese market shortly. However, Pepsi doesn't make mobile phones but acts as a licensing partner to market mobile phones under Pepsi brand.

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