Windows 10 Lumia for the budget smartphone market sells for $139

By Money Times

Dec 10, 2015 02:45 AM EST

Budget consumers itching to get their hands on a Windows 10 run smartphone could rejoice to the release of the Lumia 550 as it is up for grabs for only $139.

Gizmodo writes the phone is perfect for those who need a Windows phone but are on a tight budget because it is the cheapest Windows 10 handset available yet. 

However, the report counter argues that if it's quality consumers are looking for, they better stick with Android. Although the phone specs include a 4.7-inch display, 5 megapixel camera, and LTE, it cannot support the more advance features that Windows 10 offers. The smartphone's more expensive siblings can host Windows 10's Continuum and Hello but the plastic clad Lumia 550 cannot. 

On the contrary, The Verge has reported that the Lumia 550 is capable enough even without the edgier Windows 10 features. It has a Glance Screen feature, which shows time, date, and notifications when the phone is on standby mode. It is also available in black and white like any of the more expensive Lumias.

It will go on sale on selected stores starting today, but Microsoft said it is available in Europe as of now and will be shipped in other parts of the globe in the following weeks, according to a report from Venture Beat.

The report further revealed that although Lumia 550 is the cheapest Windows 10 phone to date, it is not the cheapest Lumia phone on the market. There are the Lumia 435 which only costs $80 and the Lumia 532 which can be bought for $90.

Although the giant tech company Microsoft has written off $7.6 billion since it acquired Nokia, it has not fully given up on the smartphone arena dominated by iOS and Android.  Microsoft is hopeful that with their new Windows 10 smartphones lineup they could get a hold on the smartphones market as they strive to unify mobile and desktop experience.

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